Kancheepuram – Nine Yard of Wonder

Here comes the blog I’ve been waiting to write about for quiet a while, Kancheepuram Sareeis an exotic epitome of South Indian culture. The aesthetics and beauty of a pure Kancheepuram silksari is a must add to the seven wonders of the world. Kanchi sarees from South India embrace the rich quality of fiber and amazing finish that will steal your heart at once. With the fine precision and weaving, the characteristic of a traditional Kanchipuram sarees as an emblem of elegance. So, whether you are searching a perfect stereotype of saree or the pattu sari for your wedding kanjivaram sarees are a must have in every Bride’s trousseau.

Glorious South Indian Bride in a Kancheepuram saree

Kanjivaram sari – South India’s Pride

Kanchipattu sarees enjoy a very prominent status in Indian tradition. Apart from being a preferred choice for various celebrations and festivities, it is a hidden dream wish of every girl and women. The Kanchipattu sarees are epitome of the sense of aesthetics and beauty that exists in human mind. Every single saree designed under this category is an enigma, a true reflection of how blessed was our culture and our designers and how far we have come as South Indians. Kanchipattu sarees are a preferred choice for women when it comes to wedding.

Actress Rekha for an award show in Kancheepuram sari


Kanchivaram saree is a magnificent creation of the craftsmen living in a small town, Kanchi (Kanchipuram), situated near the Bangalore city of South India. The saree has been named after the town in which it is produced. The silk used in the creation of Kanjivaram saree is extremely fine as well as durable and is one of the most popular forms of silk in the state of Tamil Nadu. Kanchipuram sarees are named after the city of their origin. This city of Kanchipuram in southern India is also called Silk City because many people who live there earn their livelihood by weaving silk sarees. According to Hindu mythology, it is said that Kanchi silk weavers are the descendants of Sage Markanda, the master weaver of Gods who is supposed to have woven tissue from lotus fiber. The Kanjivaram silk industry is been recognised as a Geographical indication by the Government of India from 2005-2006. As of 2008, an estimated 5,000 families were involved in sari production. There are 25 silk and cotton yarn industries and 60 dyeing units in the region.The bold and bright color of the sari is very much preferred by the South Indian women, whose trousseau remains incomplete without this amazing outfit.

Making of Kancheepuram silk sari

Kanjivaram sarees of India make use of a combination of numerous colored mulberry threads. Adding to the attraction of the saris is the exquisite and elaborate zari (a form of embroidery) work. The mulberry thread is from Kancheepuram and the zari is from Gujarat. The motifs used in an Indian Kanchipuram sari are heavily based on the Pallava temples, palaces and paintings. Shining border, graceful textures and appealing colors with finely woven motifs and patterns in the form of South Indian temples, peacock, flowers, and tales from the Hindu epics like the Mahabharata, the Ramayana, and the Bhagwat Gita enhance the beauty of these sarees. Tribal designs as well as contemporary patterns are also seen. The procedure of making an Indian Kanchipuram sari commences with three shuttles and then the task of preparing the thread, which is used at the weaver’s loom. This involves, first, twisting the thread and then, dying and drying it in the sun. The border, the body and the pallu of the sari are created separately by the weaver. Then, he interlocks them together in an extremely tight joint. In a genuine Kanchipuram Silk Sari, body and border are woven separately and then interlocked together. The joint is woven so strongly that even if the sarees tears, the border will not detach. That differentiates the kanjivaram silk sarees from the others. The sheer magnitude of textures, colors and designs of Kanjivaram silk saris of India is incredible. Simple saris can be prepared in about 10 to 12 days. However, decorative ones require up to 20 days of workmanship. Kanjivaram are expensive and can cost anywhere between Rs. 2000 to Rs. 50,000. The cost of the saree depends upon the amount of zari intertwined with the silk. The more the zari work, the more expensive the sari will be.

A weaver working on the shuttle creating the impeccable Kancheepuram silk saree

Bridal Glory of the Kancheepuram Sarees

Kanchipuram silk sarees are one of the most prominent and sought-after sarees in India. Most apt for just about every occasion and celebration, this ethnic wonder is South India’s competitor to the immensely famous Banarasi silk sarees from North India. Kanchipuram silk sarees are distinguished by its rich use of colors and fine gold zari work that produces beautiful patterns and motifs. Whether it be a religious festival, a wedding or a glamorous party, with Kanchipuram silk saree you can never go wrong. Vibrant colors combined with the glittering shimmer of gold makes Kanchipuram sarees the best pick. As per your taste, you can take your pick from a plethora of designs and work that include stones, resham embroidery, beads, and much more according to your style. Pair the Kanchipuram saree with drop earrings, an elaborate maang tika, and a statement necklace to become the highlight of any event. And who can avoid the mallipoo on your hair to complete any Kanjivaram saree look. Here is something that will thoroughly take your breath away, this saree sports the beautiful mulberry thread and zari weave on it and furthermore accompanies an aesthetic example done on it. It will be reasonable for weddings and can be said to be one of the best sarees out there. Other than the base shading, the brilliant hued design done on the sarees is a standout amongst the best things about it. The saree will be appropriate for all ladies out there who need to wear the southern sparkle.

Breathtaking beauty in Kanjivaram silk sari

What I love about this traditional silk saree variant is, you don’t need to necessarily wear a super heavy looking one. Even basic kanjeevarams look very nice, especially for the main wedding ceremony. Those brides who are hell bent on buying lehengas for their reception looks, should must try styling with Kanjivaram silk saree that will make their guests jaw drop in awe. Gone are the days when Bridal Kanjeevaram Sarees were just for the South Indian brides. If we can all wear shararas, and lehengas inspired from the North, I think we can have an open mind about wearing tradtional Bridal Kanjeevaram Sarees as well.

“Subramaniyapuram” movie actress wearing Kanchi pattu on her wedding day

Dazzling Divas in Kancheepuram Silk Sari

Given the unmatched grace and allure of Kanjeevaram Sarees, our Bollywood divas have always been enamored by its magic. From yesteryears’ beauties like Rekha – who seems like a brand ambassador of glistening Queen of kanjeevar sarees. I think Kanjeevaram sarees wouldn’t be half as popular if it weren’t for Actress Rekha, Daughter of yeasteryear late actor Gemini Ganesan, she has created a name for herself in the Bollywood film industry through her impeccable acting and her love for Kancheepuram silk saree. She’s always seen wearing a traditional kanjeevaram silk saree with a fresh flower gajra no matter the place, no matter the weather. No one else could pull off the all gold look as well as Rekha. Don’t you agree? The red bindi, sindoor and lipstick, along with the mascaraed eyelashes make the whole look South Indian look come alive.

Actress Rekha has paved the way for the actresses of this generation to wear this traditional silk saree tovall occasions, following the footsteps of actress Rekha is Actress Vidya Balan, who often wears traditional Indian weaves, says “she feels strongly for the dying art of handloom in the country and would like to spread awareness about the work of weavers”. In the Cannes 2019 Kangana Ranaut took India to France in Kanjeevaram saree and corset. Kangana Ranaut opted for a chic Kanjeevaram saree paired with an embellished corset blouse for her first look at the Cannes Film Festival 2019 in French Riviera. Giving a worldwide recognition to this magnificent beauty.

Red sindoor, jasmine flower and Kanjivaram saree – trademark Rekha style

Actress Kangana Ranaut at Cannes 2019 in France wearing traditional Kancheepuram silk saree in a modern styling
Actress Vidya Balan for Gaurang Shah fashion show in Kancheepuram silk saree

The Artistic Kancheepuram Saree

The best part of the Kanjivaram saree is that the saree is for ever. You wear it a thousand different times, and it will still look elegant. It is an investment, a vintage glory, you can pass it down to generations and it will still look a magnificent as it was before. So without wasting any more time, to all the women of the world, go on and bring home the poise and elegance of the most lush, most divine piece of Indian clothing.

Romancing the lustrous nine yards of wonder



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