Benarasi Salwar Suit

Originating from the city of Varanasi in Uttar Pradesh, India. Suits or sarees woven fron this finest silk, called as Banarasi silk, is extremely popular all over India and across the world. Benarasi silk is seeped into the rich cultural history of India. It is said that, during Royal period, banarasi suits were created with real gold and silver threads taking as much as a year to make. Let’s dive into the details of Benarasi silk;

Banarasi Kameez with skirt style

Origin of Banarasi silk

When Mughals bought in this extraordinary art of weaving and designing to India, people thought it is an unmatched example of excellent artistry. Earlier times silk was exported from China to India to weave but now the silk are provided from southern part of India, because what resources do we as a country not have ?! We are one rich country in resources.

BANARASI – Your Grandmother’s Legacy

We know when we talk about Benarasi silk, the initial thought will be , Benarasi saree. The eternal banarasi sarees. But to all the young women who love banarasi and don’t want to wear them as a saree. There are so many types of salwar suits in a banarasi silk. Nowadays, Banarasi Salwar Suits are most favouritely worn occasional wear these days.


Definitely a casual wear banarasi. It is a common assumption that a banarasi silk is a material which can be worn only for special occasions. But a jamdhani banarasi material is a muslin cloth mostly of white or grey shade with gold zari . Can be worn as a casual dress leisure at home or can be worn as an everyday office wear.

Jamdani salwar kameez


Jangla is one of the oldest weaving technique in Benarasi. The all over Jaals, flowers and leaf motifs covering the body of the fabric creating a dense and rich design. This banarasi weave is made as Banarasi Dupattas these days for salwar suits. You can wear a simple, plain shaded salwar suit with contrasting shade of Jangla Banarasi silk dupatta to complete the minimalistic salwar suit or Anarkali style banarasi long gown in Jangla weave is the favourite among celebrities and wedding scenes. It has come into trend only in recent times. Pair these suits with long jhumkas to finish your Jangla banarasi dupatta salwar kameez and Jangla Banarasi Anarkali long Gown. It is the current favourite attire for diwali and other festive looks.

Banarasi Anarkali Gown
Banarasi Dupatta


Tanchoi is famed for its intricate and small weaving patterns all over the fabric . It has self design, same or very close shades as to the base shade of the fabric. The commonly used patterns for Tanchoi salwar suits are small birds, peacocks and parrot motifs. Mostly the finish of the design will be in satin. A satin tanchoi salwar suit can be worn as semi formal for morning occasions like friend’s birthday party or a house warming function were you would like to look dressed yet comfortable. A design very old but much in demand for the current generation women. A tanchoi salwar kameez is a must have in your closet.

Tanchoi Jacket


If you want dress to impress then a tissue banaras salwar kameez is the one for you. Favourite among many A list celebrities, this thin, woven gauze like fabric resembles transparent and soft silk fabric. It is mainly used for making Dupattas and sarees. But a straight cut salwar in tissue banaras will make all heads turn . As it is definitely a party show stopper, many Pakistani designers prefer tissue banarasi material to make semi stitched salwar suits for festivals like Ramzan and Bakrid. And it is definitely most prefered among Pakistani women.

Rose Gold Tissue Banarasi Pakistani suit
Tissue Banarasi Dupatta


A cut work banarasi salwar kameez with the richness of banarasi zari work has the most intricate border designs. Cut work banarasi are mostly made in saree to accentuate the design of the cutwork, but you can make a cut work saree into a beautiful salwar kameez. A short mid thigh length kameez with heavy cutworked borders and a Palazzo style salwar with cut work designs combining them with a tissue or net dupatta with cut work border all over; just imagining it reminds us of wedding celebrations.

Cutwork Banarasi suit

There are so many types of salwar kameez designs . Anarkali, Palazzo style, Patiala style, banarasi dupattas, long banarasi silk anarkali gown and much more . But wearing all these styles with right kind of material and design will what make any attire look ethereal. When it comes to salwar suits a lot of things has to be decided from the kameez, the salwar to the dupatta . A banarasi salwar suit will make you completely satisfied in whatever look you go for.

Transform your mothers Old Banarasi Sarees into different Banarasi Salwar Kameez Styles


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