Kora silk, known for its Airy, Smooth and light in weight texture the sheer almost see through nature of this stunning material is the oomph factor of these sarees. Because it is sheer, it has weightlessness to it and the sheen which is derived from the silk yarn adds the required tone of glamour to one’s look. Kora silk sarees are manly formed with organza silk fabric.

Kora 100% silver zari organza silk saree
Kora organza silk saree

Types of Kora Sarees

Kora silk sarees are alluring with its scintillating best. Handloom banarasi kora silk sarees are alluring with its heavy border and banarasi butti work.

Pure handloom banarasi kora saree

Handloom kanjeevaram kora silk sarees exhibit the glossy finish of kanjeevaram in light weight kora fabric.

Kancheepuram kora saree
Kancheepuram kora saree

Moonga kora silk are easy to drape and carry, with its extraordinary style and blend.

Moong saree
Moong kora Net saree

Meenakari work on pure kosa are a classy example of exclusive pieces.

Meenakari kora saree
Meenakari kora saree

These are the Kora silk saree originated from banarasi region of India. Now we have our very own kora cotton saree from our mostly dearly called as Kongu Naadu otherwise called as Coimbatore. Now, we all know Kovai is rich and filled with cotton mills and textile industries. One of the most famous textile in Coimbatore, Tamil Nadu is Kovai Kora Cotton Saree. It has recognised as a geographical indication by the Government of India from 2014 to 2015.

Kovai Kora Cotton Sarees
Kovai Kora Cotton Sarees


The kora cotton sarees are weaved on traditional hand-looms. Every saree takes up to three days for weaving which is tedious and a strenuous work of art for the weavers and the weavers are paid by the government. The saree is weaved by traditional weaving families in the districts of Coimbatore, Tiruppur and Erode in the Kongu Nadu region of Tamil Nadu. Sirumugai in Coimbatore district is the major producer of kora cotton sarees. They have generations of weavers who are being trained by their earlier generation family members to continue the rich heritage of Kovai Kora Cotton weaving . How much ever we wear sarees in different materials, one feels warmth and comfort in wearing a cotton saree, and that too, wearing a Kora Cotton gives such a pleasant feel to the body and a gorgeous outlook.

Weavers chart
Kora weaving chart
Kora weavers
Kora weavers

Facts about Kora Cotton Sarees

Kovai Kora cotton is made from a blend of silk and cotton. A superior quality cotton yarn is mixed with traditional silk to produce kora cotton. The sarees have bright colored border designs, a shining zari border is also used occasionally to give more depth to the saree. The required designs are weaved using the loom using combinations of colored cotton and silk threads and the borders are added later.  The sales of kora cotton sarees have seen a decline over the last three decades due to change in dressing preferences of women. As kora cotton is simple and light weight but they are mostly used as a causal wear saree . As this generation is fast paced women prefer sarees which can be used as casual and as semi formal to complete their morning and night party look with one attire. As Soft silk sarees look grander and colorful with same light weight and sheen and can be paired with designer blouses. Lower demand and higher remunerations for weaving soft silk sarees have led to weavers switching to weaving silk sarees. The Government of India helped increase sales by 15% in 2014-15. But the spike in demand was able to convince weavers to switch back to weaving kora sarees and the sales declined the following year. The Government of Tamil Nadu sells the sarees through government run Co-optex stores in Chennai. 

Co optex cotton sarees
Co optex cotton saree, Tamil Nadu

Enhance your beauty with these lovely Kora Sarees that look stunning when adorned with elegance for any occasions like parties or auspicious events . Or for office and meetings to show your rich Indian culture or for casual everyday attire. 

Actress Vidya Balan in Gaurang Shah Kanchipuram Kora silk Saree
Actress Vidya Balan in Kora Saree



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