10 Groom Dresses for Indian Wedding – All Under 30k

“The groom always smiles proudly because he’s convinced, he’s accomplished something quite wonderful”

To let him be fully privileged about the wedding, he has to be happy with his wedding outfit too.  Generally, at weddings, we easily overlook the groom’s outfit. We tend to ignore them as all our eyes are on the bride and her attire. But over the few years, grooms dressing up has highly evolved and proved to us how they too can be dressed well for the occasion. Grooms nowadays have started to ditch the old maroons and golden sherwanis. Instead, they have got going with showcasing their personality through their dressings on their big day. After all, it’s their big day too to look best, right?  Now comes the budget part. They don’t want to spend much and wants it to be practical that can be used later on different occasions, not just for that one day.

Whether you are a groom or a helping hand for a groom to select the right outfit for him, then you have arrived at the right place. We have carefully curated a list of groom’s wedding attires that don’t blow out your pockets. 

Cherry Picks for Indian Weddings

1.White Lucknowi Silk Sherwani

The aesthetic style of this sherwani is at its peak. The design work that is used in this sherwani is Lacknowi silk embroidery. Fabric is finely made in jacquard and crafted with a mandarin collar giving you a chic appearance. White color indicates the soft nature and if you are that kind of a person, then go for it. people will be spellbound when you are displaying this look at your wedding.

 2. Black Solid Sherwani

Doesn’t it look similar pattern to you?

Yes, this is the pattern you would have seen that Bollywood actor Ranveer Singh exhibited this type of attire in one of his wedding ceremonies. This one-sided open-cut sherwani gets remarkable after he displayed it at his wedding. The collar neck, full sleeves, and the design of this sherwani can sight your confidence on stage. Swag yourself in this attire.

3. Gold Silk Sherwani

Look stylish yet classy in this golden silk sherwani. The design itself gives a subtle look. Pairing it up with dhoti pants completes this look in a classy way.

4. Green Banarasi Sherwani

One-of-a-kind embroidery in an art Banarasi silk fabric combinates to a great extent. Matching with cream pants which completes the whole look in a stunning way. Embroidery all over the top and the intricate design made for those fab men out there. 

5. Light Grey Silver Suit

For the groom who wants to go with the Indo-western style, this one is for you. Brides in modern days choose to wear pale colors like pastels and silvers. This silver suit is a good combination of tradition and western style. The embroidery work done in this ensemble will showcase the best of you. It also comes with a jacket which adds a dapper look.

6. Black Cotton Sherwani

Seen here is an Indo-western sherwani with a black cotton jacket. This style is a must for those desi grooms who don’t want to get uncomfortable on their big day. As it has got cotton fabric, it feels extremely comfortable. The ethnic print in it is on trend and this would be a good choice.

7. Black and Black Suit

A black tux with a satin shirt is the perfect choice for that groom who wants to look dapper on the day. Adding a pair of unique cufflinks can extremely take the wedding look to the next level.

8. Black and White Suit

This suit is extremely pocket friendly. Looks classy at the same time under the budget. Who would deny choosing this stunner?

 9. Light Purple Nawabi Sherwani

This amazing ensemble in pastel purple is a nawabi sherwani. A unique style of sherwani that also gives Indo western look at the same time on a trend line. Pairing it up with white pants will create a swanky look for the groom.

10. Maroon Velvet sherwani

The velvet affair it is. The fabric itself gives a royal look. When it collaborated with modernity, it looks at its peak. Perfect amount of embroidery designed in a unique way. For the style and design, it has got, this piece is epic.

Whether it is a traditional or modern wedding, grooms these days are so enthusiastic about selecting their wedding attires. It has become a part of the wedding preparations that both the bride and groom together go out to stores and find matching outfits for their wedding day. Hope this will be an ultimate guide for all the grooms to pick which feels best according to their personality.

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