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Foil print lehenga is a vision to the eye as this creation is done by  infusing the trendy foil printing technique onto a traditional silhouette like a lehenga.These Indian dresses are a fad among women these days as they can look rich and grand without having to fuss about wearing heavily embellished lehenga.

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Foil printing is the process of printing some patterns on fabric with foil for shiny effect by using heat pressure,metal dyes and foil films. This technique can also be termed as foil stamping as well and can be used to achieve a variety of finishes, including matte, metallic, glossy, pearlescent, and holographic textures on Indian clothes.With the help of advanced technologies, the textile industry has introduced Foil Printing as this technique is compatible to the present day fast moving pace. It is mostly done with Gold, Silver and Bronze foil prints.

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Foil printing goes back thousands of years ago. Bookbinder Ernest Oeser is credited with having pioneered the foil press.We Human-beings have been decorating objects with gold leaf for thousands of years, and for most of that time it was done entirely by hand. It took a skilled artisan to tool the leather cover of illuminated manuscripts, or beat gold foil to a thickness of a quarter-millionth of an inch and apply it to a cover.

Prior to the development of hot-stamping foils, decorating book covers was accomplished by a method called “free leaf stamping”. This procedure consisted of sizing the book covers, or other surfaces to be stamped, to a thin size, which then had to be allowed to dry. Hand beaten, genuine gold leaf or leaves of bronze and other materials were then laid by hand onto the appropriate area. The book cover was then inserted into a hot-stamping press, also called a blocking press, which was usually heated by gas. The press contained a carefully engraved and mounted stamping die. Heated to approximately 225 to 250 degrees (F), the die was brought down in order to make proper contact. The stamped image then had to be cleaned by the operator or another person assisting, using various wiping methods in order to arrive at a completed cover. These procedures were, of course, extremely time consuming; an arduous job if compared with present-day methods.

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Making of the exquisite foil printing

In foil printing, the quality of the adhesive is very important. Generally it is made up of acrylic co-polymer with water as diluents. Cheaper qualities show very poor stretch, loss of softness & smoothness after five washes and look very unlike the original print. The foil should not stick to cured inks under pressure.Hence, a matting agent is added to avoid sticking. Foil stamping is the application of metallic foils (gold, silver, copper) or pastel foils (a flat opaque color or white special film-backed material) onto fabrics. A special paper or film is used with custom color dyes, which is heat stamped over a fabric. Foil stamping can be combined with embossing to create striking 3D images of designs.

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Foil printing involves the application of metallic or pigmented foil on to a fabric surface by applying a heat on to the foil. This is used to create different shiny designs and graphics on various materials which can be made into a dress.Indian dresses especially have adopted this new method of printing to bring about shine and glamour into Indian clothes.

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Types of foil printing

There are primarily two types of foil printing.

  •  In the first method, the pattern is printed by a foil/transfer adhesive on the fabric, and then pressed with foil paper by a hot steel roller at pressures of around 5-6 bars on the printed portion and at temperatures of 190 degree Celsius on the fusing material.
  •  In the second method, printing is done on the foil paper first, and then the foil is pressed on the fabric with hot steel rollers.

Foil printed Lehenga

Mostly these lehenga are done with Gold, Silver and Bronze foil prints and produce a shiny and unique look of various metallic shades. Golden or bronze colour foil prints are mostly implemented on dark colour fabrics that bring out the mesmerizing golden shine of the print and silver foil prints are done on pastel colours like turquoise,peach and grey .They mostly come with traditional motifs like paisley,images of temples and even leaves and flowers.

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These foil print lehenga are quite versatile and look good on ladies of all ages. The ease of foil printing on fabric, and their distinct appearance which resemble the rich woven work, brings the best of both the world in foil print lehenga. 

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Some Lehenga have golden or silver foil prints completely adorning the lehenga skirt  and the choli is kept plain performing a subtle  balanced look so that it doesn’t look too gaudy.

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Some lehenga are completely printed with foil prints and the dupatta is kept plain and when draped around the lehenga perfectly looks absolutely gorgeous.

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Bridal foil print lehenga

These bridal lehenga look stunning with foil prints on both the choli and lehenga skirt with additional embellishments like stone work and aari work which makes it look regal and scintillating. Some brides these days avoid traditional embellishments and opt for golden foil prints on their lehenga as these prints give the shine and richness required without having to deal with wearing heavy clothes to showcase that they are the new age brides who love to rock and roll and dance on their wedding day.

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Bridesmaids attire

Foil prints on pastel colour lehenga work perfectly for the bridesmaids too. These lehenga are perfect for day time weddings along the seashore, gleaming along with the streaks of sunshine.

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Foil print lehenga in bollywood

Bollywood’s leading celebrities have been spotted flaunting foil printed lehenga at events and ceremonies as well . Alia Bhatt wore a romantic foam green and yellow lehenga by Anita Dongre, featuring a foil printed skirt for her best friend’s wedding in Delhi earlier this year, and Jacqueline Fernandez chose a pastel number with a foil-printed lehenga for Eid celebrations.

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Ways to wear jewellery

Wearing golden Indian jewellery like jhumka earrings and maang tikka for golden foil printed lehenga suits, and metallic or oxidised silver for silver foil printed lehenga are the perfect ways to match and shine in all your glory!  

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