Crystal work Lehenga

shine bright like a diamond! In crystal embedded lehenga. They are sure to sparkle as one sashays through the crowd at special events and occasions like weddings,festivals and an Indian bollywood disco night. These Indian dresses are the perfect blend of tradition and bling. Crystal work lehenga is one of the most loved traditional Indian clothes among millions of ladies because of the twinkling effect it offers to one’s appearance. 

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The first historical references to the use of crystals come from ancient the Ancient Sumerians, who included crystals in magic formulas. The Ancient Egyptians used lapis lazuli, turquoise, carnelian, emerald and clear quartz in their jewellery. They also carved grave amulets of the same gems.These crystals over the time were implemented on clothing fabrics as embellishments that make the dresses shine and sparkle.Crystal work got into the limelight back in the time of Mughal Era when Mughal queens started wearing crystal embellished ensembles which were a symbol of high status and royalty. crystal dresses have been around for several years and still haven’t lost their charm. They became popular again during the 80’s when most movie stars were seen wearing these bold and assertive dresses. It was the times when women came out of their boring fully covered clothes and shined and sparkled. 

Swarovski crystals 

Swarovski crystals are made of quartz sand and natural minerals. The actual product is a form of man-made glass, with a 32% concentration of lead which is what gives Swarovski crystals the extra sparkle and brilliance.The combination of a secret chemical formula, and the complex and highest degree of precision machine cutting process creates a high refractive index in the crystals. The machine is so powerful and precise that it can create as many as 100 facets to mirror and bend light in various directions.Swarovski crystal is then polished to perfection. Some of the Swarovski products have special coatings. The AB crystals, for example, have a metallic coating that refracts light in a rainbow spectrum.

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Swarovski crystals in Indian Lehenga

Your wedding day is your time to shine. Swarovski crystals are the perfectly elegant way to do just that. Swarovski crystal is multi-faceted and will provide maximum light reflection thus making them the world’s finest crystals.These legendary crystals when incorporated in Indian dresses like lehenga, reflect so much of light into the room having everyone go speechless. lehenga with these expensive crystals are worn by celebrities and are a dream for every Indian girl to own one.


Rhinestones crystals – jewels for clothes
They sparkle the same way as diamonds and transform the look of Indian clothes the same way that accessories do. If you are wearing a brilliant rhinestone-studded lehenga, no need for super extravagant  jewellery. These flat-backed glass stones can make all the difference to your Indian trousseau.Rhinestones are small glitter pieces that are the simplest and most phenomenal way of adding bling to any lehenga design. They are extremely gorgeous and can be used in many ways.Earlier natural rhinestones which were available at the river Rhine in Austria and other places were prominently used. However, those became rare so artificial rhinestones were made with crystal, glass, acrylic, and resin.

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Types of Rhinestone crystals used in a Lehenga
• Glue on Rhinestone

These rhinestones always have a flat back which makes it easy to glue them on any surface.They do not have any glue on their back and for using them any external adhesive is required.They are also used for the embellishment of tops, shirts, dresses, footwear, bags, purses and more.

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• Hotfix Rhinestones

 These are flatback rhinestones that have glue fixed at their back. They are either made of crystal or glass. The glue melts when the heat is applied with iron or hotfix gun.The process of applying them becomes really simple when done with hotfix applicator.For that, all you have to do is, pick the stone with applicator tip, let the glue melt for 20 to 30 seconds (when the glue melts it changes its color and starts to form bubbles). Now, place it in the desired place. The glue will form a strong bond with the surface. They are extremely handy and quick to use.

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• Sew on Rhinestones

As the name suggests, sew on rhinestones are the stones that can be sewn on the fabric. They come in two varieties; one is with holes and the other with holders/ catcher. Both can be sewn on any fabric.They are ideal for embroidery on couture wears and traditional dresses.

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Black crystal lehenga

Black is an universal color that symbolizes boldness and elegance. This color can accentuate your body and enhance your complexion. A black crystal lehenga  is something that most women consider when they’re attending a Indian bachelorette cocktail party or a feisty office event . You can team these dresses with a pair of black heels, along with a silver clutch. Tie your hair in a bun and it will further add a touch of class and elegance to the outfit.

Magic of Gold and crystal lehenga

A color that complements the diverse palette of Indian skin tones and is enhanced by natural daylight or lamps swaying under a night sky,is gold. And with crystals accompanying them, they reflect and glitter so much that makes one shine like the sun.

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With a Ivory old gold colour crystal lehenga,one shall glow like heritage jewellery in your grandmother’s safekeeping, scintillating and exuding classic charm and grace.

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Crystal wedding lehenga
A beautiful amalgamation of enormous Indian embroideries like resham work, zari, sequins, zardosi along with crystal work can make a stunning bridal lehenga. The best part about these Indian dresses is that they look absolutely breathtaking on all skin tones.Add your killer pair of crystal embedded heeled shoes or stiletto and a stylish crystal clutch  and get ready to sparkle the day.Accessorized with statement diamond necklace and earrings can complete the modern-day ‘princess bride’ look for your sangeet.

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Bollywood Celebrities 

Whether it’s an award show or a red-carpet event, today, most Indian celebrities around the world are seen flaunting their glamorous crystal lehenga . From hot red to gold and black,these iconic Indian dresses are making headlines in most fashion magazines.
Indian top fashion designers Manish Malhotra and Sbyasachi need no introduction for their unique exquisite crystal lehenga designs.They have created multiple mesmerizing collections of crystal work lehenga for Bollywood events and celebrity weddings.

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Priyanka wore a Kannauj rose lehenga by sabyasachi for the Hindu wedding ceremony in Jodhpur. The lehenga had delicate Siam-red crystals.

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