Pochampally Salwar Kameez

Pochampalli is the place where threads and colours find their way into the hands of skillful weavers where it is transformed into exotic salwar kameez and sarees with intricate magical designs based on Ikats. fabric that traditionally evolved as one of the finest handloom offerings of South India.They are perfectly reversible with same appearance of the design on both sides making them most suitable for pochampally salwar kameez, sarees, dupattas, Scarves& Stoles which tend to folding and curtains for getting similar look from either side.

History of Pochampally

The word pochampally is derived from the village name pochampally, were the weaved is derived, nourished and flourished. Many weavers of pochampally learned and inherited the secrets of this art. Soon the wave of pochampally weave spread across different mandals of Pochampally and the town became popular and capable enough to compete with other silk manufacturers across India. The weaving technique was very well-received in the industry due to the unique and classic nature of the fabric produced. By the year 1999, the Pochampally Ikat weaving techniques were spread across 10,000 families of artisans in 100 villages. Thus, this made the whole process of ikat making easier and cost-effective. Initially the all natural dyes were used to make Ikat designs, due to intricacy of designs and cost of production, synthetic dyes gradually replaced the natural ones.

Evolution of Pochampally Ikat

Popularly referred to as ‘Silk City of India’, this town has given exceptional silk textile to the industry, posing tough competition to other Ikat weavings in India. With increasing demands, these Pochampally textile soon flaunted silk Ikats wherein silk was brought from Bangalore and zari from Surat. Most pochampally salwar kameez and sarees boast mesmeric geometric patterns on them handcrafted by expert artisans through the Ikat dyeing method. Pochampally, Patola and Ikat- all of these refer to the same double ikkat weaving technique. They have been differentiated only by their geographical location. These skilled artisans have decades of expertise in creating intricate designs and color combinations to create perfect masterpieces. Some Pochampally sarees can even take up to 100 days to make until it’s crafted to precision. The art of weaving Pochampally sarees is quite contemporary, and doesn’t really have solid native roots like other Ikat productions may have. Pochampally Ikkat Silk provide phenomenal comfort with a hint of elegance and grandeur that’s customarily expected from silk fabric. The weaves of Pochampally are primarily recognized as ‘Ikat’, ‘Ikkat’ and sometimes ‘tie and dye’ weaves.

Pochampally ikat print

Pochampally kuppadam cotton silk

Fine cotton with pure silk, zari border and pallu. The fine cotton field is woven separately, with the Pallu made of pure silk. The interlock weft technique is known as Kupadam. They are weaved and interlaced in unique technique to form pochampally ikkat. The main attraction for pochampally salwar are the contrasting ikat border with some motif continuously along its length is the prime attraction. The choice of the plain body in simpl neon or vibrant shades and ikat borders in contrast are the highlights of more salwar kameez. When you have colors like bright yellow, blue, green as the body color the effect is like a lightning bolt. If there were golden zari striations then the effect is heightened further.

Pochampaly silk salwar suit

Pochampally Anarkali and Straight cut Salwar kameez

Pochampally ikat in the form of salwar kameez, poochampally anarkali salwar kameez and poochampally straight cut sawlar suits that are definitely worth buying as they are all beautifully handcrafted and hand woven. You can choose from a whole new range of designs, prints, embroidery, style and cuts that provide a stunning appeal which is worth appreciating. Pochampally anarkali salwar suit is a perfect free flowing dress with a long dupatta and with wonderful prints, motifs and embroidery throughout the body making it look extremely gorgeous. Pochampally salwar kameez are definitely a summer wear material, giving yourself a classic look through the best of comfort and elegance that are perfectly handmade on the finest of fabric materials and with the use of embroidery threads and motifs that make one such ethnic Indian wear look even more gorgeous and grand. It is a classic indian salwar suit that are perfect for evening parties, festivals and weddings that look truly gorgeous in every sense and wearing one such item, definitely enhances the appeal.

Pochampally anarkali salwar
Pochampally cotton straight salwar material

Pochampally Kurtas

Dipping into the new fashion styles of South Indian cotton kurtas re-visiting the Anarkali, and of course dwelling upon the exotic Pochampally Prints, it’s time to dress up and flaunt the kurtas and kurtis in pochampally. Lovely pochampaly cotton kurta and kurti that ends at waist level, it sets off a very attractive combination with white Palazo pants. A novelty is new fashion experiment of material cut out on either shoulder portion. With a nice ¾ sleeve format in colorful design, it makes for a nice trendy form of attire that should set eyes rolling. Pochampally ikkat kurti at waist level filled with the ikat design zigzag wave printed all over it makes for an attractive sight. A unique feature is the slightly extended back portion slightly below the front portion line. The ikat design suits well with any bottom, but as usual Palazzo pants in white would do great. True to the Anarkali scheme of things the pochampally ikat anarkali kurta is narrow at the top, going down uniformly in a taper, with a broad flare at the bottom. The prints over the kurta, the three fourth sleeves and the lovely thin contrast colored border all over the kurta periphery and at the sleeve ends add to a pretty picture. Just below the neck are two or three tassel knots at the centre awaken curiosity.

Pochampally ikkat cotton kurta

Miss world Australia -2017 Esma Voloder visited handloom park located at Bhoodan Pochampally . During her visit, she was mesmerized by the richness of pochampally silk and the cultural heritage that it holds, she enquired about the sarees design, process of making sarees on handlooms, workers’ financial status, marketing and profits. She appreciated Pochampally Ikat designs and assured her cooperation to elevate the popularity of Ikat sarees worldwide. She wore a Pochampally saree much to the amusement of weavers after her visit. It came to be known that it was the unofficial tour of Esma Voloder and she came to Pochampally to buy sarees for personal use. Such is the history of Pochampally silk.

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