Jacquard salwar kameez

Jacquard materials are considered to be among the most majestic looking material in the fashion industry. The design and patterns may look rich and heavy but the base materials are light and airy. And a jacquard fabric attires are best looking in indian and western clothing. The origin of the jacquard fabric is created by Joseph Marie Jacquard. The threads used to create a jacquard weave are mostly in silk, cotton and rayon . All these materials are best suited for a salwar kameez.

As jacquard weaving is considered to be a versatile and intricate designs in the textile industry. A jacquard salwar kameez looks best in patterns like florals,abstract and geometric designs. What’s best is used, many designers create a jacquard salwar suit with same colour fabric and same colour thread as the base of the design. And it creates an illusion of embosment .

Jacquard Fabric

*Silk jacquard fabrics looks good in anarkali salwar style, abaya style anarkali or Chudidhar kameez these are highly sought after, because the silk base is used for the patterns and embroideries that are created. One of the popular designs among jacquard salwar suits are the silk jacquard salwar kameez because the smoothness of the fabric coupled with the weaving that graceful, elegant and intricate.

Silk Jacquard salwar kameez are best for curvaceous women because a jacquard silk salwar kameez forms a fitting wear as it hugs the curved of the wearer it highlights all the right points on the body. Offering as a luscious wear, jacquard silk is favoured for wedding delights like cocktail party and mehendi ceremonies.

Silk jacquard salwar kameez
Silk jacquard salwar suit

*Cotton jacquard fabric is lesser recognised than the silk jacquard fabrics. Cotton jacquard salwar kameez has a coarse base to the material , it has a lot more texture to the material and the embroidery is also done using a thicker thread to withstand the coarse base so it adds heaviness to the ensemble. Nevertheless, it is a preferred choice for women to use it as office wears and formal wear. It is definitely a summer cloth because of its breathable and moisture absorbing nature.

Linen jacquard salwar kameez
Cotton jacqaurd salwar kameez

A light weight jacquard loom, beautiful and attractive designs and textured can easily be interwoven in the jacquard fabric and made into a salwar kameez. It is amazing to wear a handloom attire instead of printing or dyeing. Sareeutsav has amazing assortments of jacquard salwar kameez among our vast collection of salwar kameez designs. Now let’s look at the designs a jacquard salwar kameez looks best on when worn.

*Geometric jacquard salwar kameez

A geometric weaved jacquard salwar kameez looks best on brocade Benarasi fabrics as the brocade jacquard culminates a rich texture and design. As jacquard weave gives a metallic sheen to it a brocade jacqaurd on Benarasi fabric chudidhar or straight cut salwar kameez are a good choice for party wears.

Geometric Jacquard Salwar Kameez
Cotton jacquard salwar kameez

*Paisley jacquard salwar kameez

Paisley worked jacquard salwar kameez in rayon or chanderi or in a pakistani silk salwar kameez are preferred designs for its big paisley motif weaving on salwar kameez. A Patiala or Punjabi salwar suit in a paisley jacquard are best worn designs around the world for their casual statement styles.

Gul Ahmed Paisley Jacquard Salwar Kameez

*Floral jacquard salwar kameez

If you have to choose only one style of jacquard salwar kameez, then you must go for the floral jacquard salwar kameez . They are ideal occasional wear that will look attractive barring all age. Darker hues with half and half or contrasting shades of floral jacquards on art silk materials are famous around th world. There are endless floral jacquard unstitched materials in pakistani silk materials . When you have an unstitched material the choices of salwar kameez design are endless. You can wear floral jacquard straight cut salwar in beautiful shades of turquoise, yellow and blue with contrasting floral jacuqard Dupattas in hues of maroon and pink pair them up with Palazzo pants or sharara or chudi salwars. Feel special with ageless floral jacqaurd salwar kameez.

Floral Art Silk Jacquard Salwar Kameez
Handloom Floral Jacquard Salwar Kameez

*Stripes jacquard salwar kameez

A striped jacqaurd salwar kameez are for women who want to look slender. It gives an illusion of slim silhouette for all curvier ladies. Choose your striped jacquard salwar kameez in cotton, handloom or chanderi materials to get the desired look. A simple traditional look can be created using a striped jacqaurd salwar kameez .

Striped Jacquard salwar kameez

Jacquard salwar kameez can be styled with heavy jewellery as the fabric itself is lightweight and silken. So it needs that glimmer and glitter. Meenakari jewelleries or two tone oxidised jewelleries as well as precious semi precious stones synchronise well with jacquard salwar kameez. Go for a more ethnic jewellery rather than modern. Simple goes a long way. Wear a designer bindis with stones and gems to compliment your jacqaurd salwar kameez party wear look with matching lipsticks to your salwar kameez and bindi or small plain round bindi matching your jacquard salwar kameez for a more toned down look.

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