Handloom Salwar Kameez

When Mahatma Gandhi started the Swadeshi movement and reintroduced hand spinning in the name of Khai. He made sure every Indian spun their worn yarn using chakras and wear Khadi. People burnt imported clothes and chose to wear Khadi. Today, the Yarns are machine spun forming a fabric that is called Handloom. In India there are different styles or types of Handloom weaving in different parts of the country. From plain fabrics, geometric designs, the and dye, art on muslin . Our weavers have been master class artisans of such a prestigious art. No other country can boast of such exclusive wide range of rich textile art, even today.

Pure handloom khadi Madhupani Handprint salwar material

It is no surprise that India is currently the producer of 95% of the world’s handwoven fabrics. There are wide varieties of handloom fabrics that are made into sarees or handloom salwar kameez some of them are as follows.

Handloom Tussar Salwar Kameez

There are many loyalists who wear handloom Tussar salwar kameez on everyday basis in different designs and varied salwar kameez patterns. The purity of the Tussar silk accompanied with Kantha embroidery works well for a casual wear salwar kameez material. The handloom Tussar silk has a coarse texture , it is light on body, airy and has a comfortable feel to it. You can wear your Tussar silk as semi casuals for house warming ceremonies or temple Pooja’s.

Pure handloom Tussar silk embroidered salwar kameez

Handloom Kota Cotton Salwars

Kota silk cast a spell binding magic in the weaves. It is an amalgam or delightful blend of ethnic skill, care and devotion in the making. Choose an unstitched Kota cotton silk in vibrant shade of Jaipuri prints or dabu prints, traditional motifs, fancy zari or printed borders and stitch them as a Chudidhar salwar kameez or palazzo style salwar to your liking.

Handloom Kota cotton salwar material

Handloom Jaipuri print Salwar Kameez

Incorporating a variety of technique like block printing, tie and dye, bagru prints, dabu prints, bandhini leheria prints are traditional rajasthani prints that can be printed on some of the finest handloom silk or cotton creating beautiful anarkali , jacket style salwar kameez, Punjabi or Patiala style handloom Jaipuri salwar kameez for your work wear or casual wear.

Dabu print Chanderi handloom salwar kameez
Block print Chanderi cottnn salwar

Handloom Mangalagiri or Maheshwari Salwar Kameez

Definitely a comfortable summer season material , thanks to the devotion and dedication of the craftsmen Maheshwari Fabric is still counted as one of the finest weaves of Handloom silk cotton for its purity . Both Mangalagiri and Maheshwari salwar kameez are known for its unique designs on silk and cotton fabrics , not to mention the fine use of zari on the borders of the kameez and dupattas. These Maheshwari and Mangalagiri salwar kameez are smooth and soft in texture, definitely a must have in your wardrobe for those hot days.

Managaligiri Anarkali salwar kameez
Maheshwari Punjabi salwar suit

Handloom Poochampally Salwar kameez

Poochampally salwar kameez brings a whiff of fresh air for its eye catching designs and bewitching colours. Handloom Poochampally Punjabi or Patiala salwar kameez are comfortable to carry as daily wear or for casual occasions. The modern twist to the handloom poochampally salwar kameez are the fusion of ikkat prints on them accompanied with Ikkat Dupattas or handwoven Dupattas. Poochampally ikkat salwar kameez can be made in different unique styles like cowl type or long jacket and kurta type or Anarkali with A line kameez that are suitable for parties, festivals and other special occasions.

Handloom Poochampally ikkat Anarkali

Handloom Kancheepuram silk salwar kameez

When we are talking about handloom how can we miss mentioning Kancheepuram silk. Quite famous for their enchanted zari work and their skilled elaborate designs . While kancheepuram silk sarees are world famous the kancheepuram salwar kameez are equally becoming in trend now as they portray ethnic essence , rich heritage and traditional identity. Handloom kancheepuram abaya style Anarkali salwar kameez or any type of salwar kameez with kanjivaram handloom dupatta are a must have for wedding functions , festivals and formal ceremonies. Accessorise with temple jewelleries or diamond jewels to bring out the royal look in you.

Kancheepuram silk salwar kameez
Kancheepuram silk dupatta

Handloom Dupattas

Just as with salwar kameez, most handloom weaving craftsmen in India also produce handloom Dupattas and stoles reflecting traditional weaving patterns , zari borders and different motifs. Silk and cotton Dupattas in variety of colours, textures, with woven, painted, printed and embroidered patterns form a delightful addition to your wardrobes to mix and match with any plain salwar kameez. Ikkat, Mangalagiri, Kancheepuram, Tussar are some of handloom Dupattas that can be worn with any salwar kameez fabric or design.

Handloom Khadi Dupatta
Handloom Maheshwari silk dupatta
Pure Handloom Katan silk Benarasi Dupatta

Handloom Uppada salwar kameez

Delicately woven handloom uppada silk salwar kameez are manifestation of a women’s emotions. An epitome of beauty , liveliness, resilience and strength. A handloom uppada dhoti pants with contrast dupatta and top are a best semi formal wear. Accessorise them with colourful stones or pearl necklaces and a leather handbag.

Handloom Uppada silk pattu salwar kameez

The word ‘handloom’ is itself a luxury in most of the western world, India is indeed fortunate to have such a wealth of unique and stunning handloom weaves. It is an affordable luxury. Investing in handloom salwar kameez not only add beauty and luxury to yourself but you are promoting your own economy by investing in them. Choose your best Handloom salwar kameez from sareeutsav.

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