Zari work Salwar Suits

Zari or commonly known as the Zari WorkZari Work, is a beautiful and intricate craft of weaving threads made of fine Gold or Silver and are later entwined in various types of fabric (pre dominantly into Silk) to make fine patterns of salwar suits. Apart from its worth, the fabric attains a rich and grand look. Famous Bollywood divas have slipped into beautiful zari work anarkali salwar suits or zari work dheewani mastani salwar suits in reel as well as real-life, which explains the ethnicity of a bridal wear. Zari embroidered salwar kameez give that shimmery and dazzling touch to your outfits for Indian weddings

People tend to confuse zari work with zardozi embroidery quite often. Zardozi work is simply a form of zari work. But there’s one main difference between zari and zardozi work, i.e, zardozi work looks thicker and heavier than zari embroidery work. Also, traditionally it used to come in golden and silver coloured embroidery only, but now as the crafting industry has taken a plunge, zari metallic threads come in different colours

Zari work on Fabric

History and origin Of zari work

The craft of Zari has been long associated with the aristocracy and royalty in India and considered to be one of the most detailed embroidery techniques in existence. The art is also known as Zardozi in Persian. But zari work and zardosi work are similar yet different . The origin of the Zari embroidery is traced back to a village by the same name in modern day Iran which was then brought to India by Persians during the Rig Veda period which is dated to be between 1700 and 1100 BC. The Zari craft truly got recognised during the patronage of the famous Mughal emperor Akbar. The exclusivity of the Zari embroidery grew during modern times when it got confined to certain pockets in the country like Lucknow and Chennai where Zari is not even made out of real Gold and Silver thread like the ancient art. It has polyester or cotton yarn at its core, wrapped in Silver/Gold metallic yarn. The Zari craft has also been recognised by the Government of India as one of the most ancient forms of handicraft.The southern part of India has claimed the highest consumption of the ancient handicraft. Also, Surat happens to be the world’s largest producer of all types of Zari work like threads, ribbons, borders, etc. The Zari work is the true embodiment of elegance. The main inspiration for the art can be traced back to the medieval times when Gold/Silver threads were used on silk fabric with patterns that depicted age old beliefs and rituals, which may vary from place to place. The intricate art of Zari has been passed down from generation to generation and is truly treasured by only a few. Zari work is the true reflection of skilled needlework and cherished tradition. The Kinari work done by men & women of the Muslim community also formed the original faces behind this art, redefining the essence of traditional artistry.

The dull zari thread is called Kora, and the shinier one is called Chikna, which not only increases the monetary value of the fabric, but also gives it a rich royal look. Though, today in most fabrics, zari is not made of real gold and silver, but has cotton or polyester yarn at its core, wrapped by golden or silver metallic yarn, known as metallic zari. This metal embroidery threads have a uniform flexibility, evenness and ductility, along with the properties of resistance to rust, durability and light weight, as compared to the traditional zari thread. Zari, though categorized as Real Zari, Imitation Zari and Metallic Zari, it is used in various forms such as


Kataoki Bel,


Tilla or Marori Work,

Gota Work,

Kinari Work.

Hand Zari Embroidery

Kota doria zari work salwar suit

Zari work has its origin in Kota, India. Women love to flaunt their Kota zari work salwar suits as casual wear or as semi formal wears as it gives lavish look. Kota zari is the work from the land of the deserts. It is here to add extra glamour in your look. Shine and grandeur of zari embroidered salwar suits never fade as it’s a timeless beauty. Women can adorn zari embroidered salwar suits on a wedding, party, get together, house warming ceremonies, festive poojas and other occasions. The special combination of Kota Doria is a thread wrapped with the cotton or silk fabric that gives strength to the cloth. Fine textured, airy and lightweight are the qualities of this saree. In hot weather, you can go for a zari work Kota doria salwar kameez in cotton or linen material to feel free and comfortable. Delicately wrought check’s designs look fascinating on light weight dupattas. These designs are made with golden thread in square shapes. Beautiful embroidery of zari salwar kameez creates outstanding effects.

Silk zari work salwar suit

A heavy zari worked salwar suits in silk fabrics in blood red or royal blue or emerald green are every brides dream attire. Also, not just the fabric but the overloaded zari embroidery work also beautifies the bridal salwar suit. For all those tradition punjabi brides, who would still love to have a classy red salwar suit on her wedding day, this is the one for you. Sabyasachi bridal salwar suits have a dreamy touch of zari embroidery on them and look phenomenal in any shade of salwar kameez or any combination of works like resham or gota or zardosi works. Some zari salwar kameez have intricate golden zari work that seems very gaudy but a bride needs all the drama in her life for that one day.

Zari embroidered silk salwar suit

Georgette and Chiffon zari work salwar suit
Style and trend would be at the peak of your beauty the moment you wear a georgette and chiffon salwar kameez. And, any embroiered worklooks phenemonal on a georgette and chiffon base fabric. Zari work is no exception. Zari embroidered sharara or gharara suit, zari embroidered indo western salwar suit like jacket style salwar or high low salwar kameez look and feel it’s comfortable best on a georgette fabric. Beautified with other type of embroideries like mirror works, badla, mukesh and chikan kari and zari work all synchronized very well with all the trend and design of the current trend.

Elegantly worked zari salwar suit

Velvet zari work salwar suit

Beautiful Zari work straight cut with pencil pants , abaya style anarkali with royal base fabric like velvet or raw silk and intricate floral zari embroideries to add cherry on top are the regal attire for every women . Also, the glitter effect of the zari embroidery itself gives a shine to the outfit which looks apt for an Indian Wedding. Added net dupatta with tiny bootis of zari work and a thick border, complementing the whole outfit has elegant jewels is a cult classic.

Royal velvet zari work salwar suit

Pakistani zardosi work salwar suit
A woman prioritizes her appearance and preference for wardrobes over other everyday things. Whatever country they come from, women want to wear elegant and fashionable outfits. Pakistani designer salwar suits has its own fame. The pakistani designer salwar suits play with different embroidery works on one attire making it heavy and attractive. Kora, dabka, resham, kardana, gota combined with zari embroideries in net , organza, linen, velvet etc are designer suits which will enhance their beauty and confidence in the world they enter.

Pakistani zari and zardosi work salwar kameez

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