The Elegance of Moti Work

What is it ?

“Pearl Love”

Moti or pearl work has been in vogue for decades all over the Globe. Initially pearls were introduced by the Chinese and since then, it became symbol of Royalty and was worn as embellishments on attires, head gears, vases, cushion cases and bedspreads in China, Europe and Russia, the Middle East and all around the globe.

Elegant Pearl vases

Moti Work In India

The Kings and queens of the Mughal empire would commonly use attires with Moti work as sign of royalty. Apart from attires, pearls were more commonly used as a mere accessories. Embroidered pearl work was done only by skilled artists and they created intricate and seamless designs with great adequacy.

Children of the Mughal empire wearing head gear with pearls and Moti Jewelry

Origin & History

In India, Moti work has been used for centuries since the Mughals were in reign till date and has been used in different types of fabrics ranging from cotton to silk. The pearl work has been used on many articles as embellishments too. This work is usually used with a combination of crystals, zardosi and zari to give it a shimmery and elegant look. Moti work has always been vogue and today the artisans of moti work can be found in Kathiawar, Kutch and Telgana.

Mughal attire with the famous pearl garland necklance


Initially, Moti work was inspired by the work of nature, such as floral motifs, plants and animals. However, in the present day, there has been a contemporary twist to moti work to make this form of art popular by today’s generation. Thus, geometrical patterns are in trend in pearl work.

Scenario of the present day

Amongst women, pearls bedazzled sarees are an in trend today. Pearl work attire has always been of high cost as its a sign of wealth. Not only was pearl common on sarees, they are also seen on hair accessories, clutches, hand bags, scarves and stoals, belts, shoes, and many more taking this exquisite to an International level. Moti work jewelry has been seen trending lately seen on various forms ranging from vintage jewelry to high end with fashion jewelry with diamonds and gold.

Fashionable pearl earings
Pearl & Diamonds
Clutch embellished with pearls

Moti work in Bollywood

Many Bollywood movies such as Jodha Akbar, Kalank, Mughal E azam, Anarkali and many more have depicted the the history of Mughals. The cast featuring in these movies have worn grandeur attires which consists of the moti work designs in such a beautiful and elegant manner.

Aishwariya Rai and Hrithik Roshan in the movie Jodha Akbar wearing jewelry and attire embellished with pearls.
Actress Madubala in the movie ‘Mugal E azam’ wearing accessories consisting pearls.


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