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Lehenga” the attire by itself is a unique piece of royal clothing chosen widely for the most special occasions in India. Be it any grand occasion or special events, “Lehenga” have become the most chosen outfit for a woman.  And when one wants to be the center of attraction then comes the options into the play, one of them being the sequin lehenga which gives glamour touch to your lehenga!!  Go for it and reveal the best look you ever wanted!

Aqua Blue Sequins Embellished Lehenga Choli Latest 1868LG01

Know the Origin

The word “Sequin ” originated from the Arabic which means “Coin”. Later the word was morphed into a French word “Sequin” back in the 16th century. The work was widely used for the suits and formal gowns which was beautifully hand sewed by seamstresses. The trend greatly took over when historical discovery was made. When archaeologists found the tomb of Egyptian pharaoh Tutankhamun, they found grand garments embellished with sparkling gold disks. Later the western fashion showcased their artifacts in King Tut’s tomb which then spread the news to a great extent.During 1930’s, the sequins manufacturers created lightweight types using gelatin coloured with lead paint. The outcome was great however the sequins melted at temperatures which became impractical to use it.  The scientist Herbert Lieberman when he worked for Eastman Kodak, created acetate sequins and also produced glittering sequins for band uniforms and dance costumes.

Modern day sequins

The modern sequins are greatly produced using plastics and come in different  finishes, shapes, sizes and varieties. Sequins easily add festive look to any dress and when it comes to lehenga, it is an uncompromised option for a designer. The construction technique greatly differs based on the fabric chosen and the garments producers are very well aware of the trends.

Youdesign Sequins Fabric Lehenga Choli In Red Colour Size Upto 66

Concept of the work – Sequins

Sequins – like the word means “following a particular order/pattern or related things”. The concept is incorporated to create a masterpiece and set trends in the garments industry. In this piece of work, the tradition meets the innovation and delivers the most exquisite outcome for the lehenga lovers. When buyers know the value of a product they are going to sell, of course there would be a motive to present a range of options to their customers. That’s how the attention is grabbed showcasing the huge range of sequins lehenga.

Buy Gold Lehenga Choli In Sequins And Zari Embroidery Work Online - Kalki  Fashion

Trend and sequins

Indian fashion is filled with an exclusive range of techniques, styles, methods and designs. Here, garments play a major role in making exquisite ranges of lehenga. The material varieties vary across regions and based on it the designs are chosen for the clothing. When you choose sequins, the preferable materials for lehenga would be georgette, chiffon and crepe. Sequins work with these materials gives the perfect and desirable look.   

Lehenga embellished in sequins is one of the most popularly chosen types and its huge range of designs makes the attire more presentable.Including sequins in lehenga gives a delightful twinkling effect that grabs attention and the wish of one’s being unique comes into reality.

Few amazing combinations with sequins makes the attire more elegant and ravishing, like the borders of the materials with a combination of other works of zari or embroidery would be an unbelievable present for our eyes. With intricate sequins work on class material like designer chion sequins fabrics, you never be left unattended in any special event.

Light Pink Sequins Embellished Lehenga Choli Latest 1952LG01


Choosing trendy and couture lehenga that goes well with any Indian festivals and wedding event is definitely not difficult to get one now-a-days. Garments manufacturers and retailers are ready to present customized designs which satisfy the needs of a buyer.

Sequins designs in lehenga have always been a masterpiece and grand statement for garment manufacturers across the nation. Of all those different varieties of lehenga, “sequins” has a good number of fan followers for its eye catching designs and patterns.

If you take Bollywood film industry, glamour and class go hand in hand. Movies which showcase any occasion or traditional event are never complete without lehenga and it is the most grand and glamorous outfit too. Choosing sequins and combination of sequins worked lehenga, has been the most chosen costumes in the present trend.  That’s how the celebrities steal the limelight.

Desert Peach Sand Sequins Lehenga & Melon Orange Blouse | VIVA-LUXE

Reasons for choosing sequins lehengas

  •  Need not worry about jewels when you choose a sequins lehenga.
  •  Sequins are available in different shapes and colours.
  •  Gives you rich and elegant appeal.
  •  With proper maintenance, the lehengas look brand new and flash every time you wear it.
  •  Sequins designs in lehenga goes well with other combinations like zari or zardosi work in borders – the most preferred one in weddings.
  •  With a myriad of designs and colours, this lehenga goes well with any fabric.

Indian Weddings

Modern Indian brides love to experiment on colours and patterns. Whatever may be the trend or choice, one thing that never changes – choosing a traditional outfit on the special day.  The most beautiful and famous designer outfit would be a sequins lehenga and you can create your own swoon worthy statement with the most stunning sequins lehengas.

Some of the different bridal lehengas with popular combinations are,

  •  Sequins in combination with kundan embroidery lehenga.
  •  Zardosi work alongside sequins patterns in lehenga borders.
  •  Embroidered lace and complete sequins embellishments.
  •  Dori embroidered enriched with sequins and stones.
  •  Applique and beads work with the combination of sequins pattern work.

And the list can go on and on!

Kriti Kharbanda 👑 on Twitter: "Our Princess @kriti_official Looks Stunning  in the Red Lehenga for #BachchanDiwaliParty ❤😍… "

The designs you finalize should own a distinct feminine charm. Yes, it starts right from the attire you choose, sSo let that not be a compromising part on your special occasion. Choose Sequins Lehenga and get ready to allure the crowd!

If you’d wish to uplift the style in you on a special day, choosing sequins lehenga would be a wise choice.

Powder Blue Sequin Embroidered Lehenga Outfit

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