Ribbon work salwar kameez

Ribbon embroidery or Ribbon work is an art that can be called as romantic art , because of the most artistic usage of ribbons designed and worked with embellishments like pearls, stones etc creating exquisite floral motifs and decorative patterns by hand or machine. A ribbon work lends a three-dimensional effect to your salwar kameez giving an amazing visual effect.

The History of Silk Ribbon Embroidery

Silk ribbon embroidery dates back to the 17th century, where it was first used for large rosettes on men’s coats and women’s gowns. France appears to have been the first to use it, during the English Commonwealth (1649-1653 and 1659-1660). Although silk ribbon embroidery was flourishing on the European continent, the Puritan government passed laws to control such showy art; meanwhile, the art traveled to America and became popular there.

Dating back to the 1700s, silk ribbon embroidery shows up on embellished clothing, home decor items, quilts and more. It has gone through various periods of popularity and continues to be a favorite of many embroiderers today. In the 1700’s, silk ribbon embroidery gowns took months to stitch, so only royalty and the ladies of the court could afford such expensive decorations, produced by official embroidery workshops. Later, due to the impact of other forms of embellishment, silk ribbon embroidery dropped in popularity. Fortunately, it was revived by couturier Charles Frederich Worth (1825-1895), who transformed the fashion industry.

Vintage Ribbon Embroidery Lace

The most popular materials used in ribbon embroidery are silk ribbon or synthetic ribbons. Well both will give a gorgeous result but as silk ribbon has a rich finish look than synthetic and the synthetic ribbon work are lesser in price than silk ribbon salwars.


Unlike synthetic fibers, silk is a natural protein fiber with a flat and soft texture but not slippery. Easy to handle, its smooth surface reflects light to make designs rich and luxurious, while its beautiful luster and drape make it suitable for bridal wear sarees, occasion wear Salwars and even as furnishing.

Silk Ribbon’s high absorbency makes it comfortable in hot weather while its low conductivity keeps skin warm in cold weather. But only 100% silk ribbon has the best quality to provide enough flexibility and flow easily. So is the reason synthetic ribbon is bought in for easy and affordable use.

Silk Ribbon Embroidery

One of the things that stands out about ribbon embroidery is the texture it creates. Rather than simple stitches on the surface of the fabric, the bulk of the ribbon results in embroideries that seem to jump off of the material. The effect is simply stunning given the vivid colours of ribbon, be it silk or synthetic ribbon and the smooth silky luster of the ribbons on the yoke, borders, hemlines, sleeves will give a natural elegant look on your salwar kameez and dupatta.

Ribbon embroidery uses the same tools as traditional embroidery, though it does have its own unique technique – the best known being the ribbon stitch. Some common ribbon stitches are listed below:

A straight stitch is a stitch pulled through on itself like a small knot, useful for making a flower bud, this stitch will look good on the hemlines of your salwar kameez or dupatta borders.

A whipstitch is like the straight stitch, but with the ribbon wrapped around the knot. These stitches will look good on the body of your kameez as yoke or overall ribbon embroidery work.

Ribbon embroidery may seem complex and daunting, but it is actually easy and interesting to do. Anything that can be embroidered with normal thread can also be embroidered with ribbons. No matter how heavy and complicated the design, the stitches that make it up are simple and elegant; just a few basic ones, used alone or in various combinations for your salwar kameez or dupatta, can create a wonderful array of floral motifs on your attire making it an outstanding ribbon work salwar kameez.

Flowers are a very common design to work with silk ribbon embroidery, most likely because the ribbon allows you to stitch very lifelike florals. Often a single stitch with ribbon will look like a flower bud, and the addition of one or two more stitches gives you a bud with some greenery that reminds you of the real deal. But many different kinds of flowers can be embroidered in ribbon that has a 3D effect silk have a natural finish and will make your attire and appearance look exotic and worldly. Shades like Pale pink, dusty rose, sage green and light violet, sunshine yellow, sapphire blue were popular shades, like antique pastels and bright colours. During earlier times, silk ribbon was embroidered on luxurious fabrics such as silk, satin or velvet. Now usage of synthetic ribbon are common fabrics like cotton, linen, crepe , georgette and chiffon are commonly used materials to embroide ribbon work on. Ribbon work salwar kameez in these fabrics will look gorgeous on every age and shape.

Ribbon work on sleeves

Today’s Ribbon Embroidery

Ribbon embroidery has changed considerably in the last few decades. Modern techniques produce new choices for embroiderers today, assisted by digitized software to make their products. One example of the drastic contrasts that looks novel is silk ribbon embroidery applied on denim or velvet material. However, in machine embroidery, the material is not as pure; synthesized fibers use different ingredients to make a large quantity of ribbon work attires.

Until recently, silk supplies were also hard to come by and expensive; nowadays, anyone can get finished silk ribbon embroidery items at their fingertips, and can afford to use these luscious materials to make salwar or sarees. Silk ribbon embroidery can now be used to embellish almost anything.

Ribbon embroidery Kurtas

Embroidery kurtis are liked by women of all ages because of their fashionable and trendy looks. Kurtis defines the fashion sense of a person so it is important to buy the Kurti as per your body shape, skin and height. Nowadays, women are seeking for something that will make her look confident and resilience. Needless to say, Ribbon embroidery Kurtis is perfect for all occasions like weddings, family functions, formal parties, and outings. If you love to flaunt this carefree vibe, you are someone who loves to wear simple kurtas for festivals and occasions then a ribbon work kurta is a must have in your closet.

Ribbon work Kurta

Ribbon work Salwar Suit

From the classy and elegant salwar suits, there are some styles that look great on anyone who wears it. One example is the Ribbon embroidered salwar suits, which comes in various materials and colors of thread used for the perfect embroidery that beautifies a dress. Ribbon embroidered Salwar suits are available in bright to soothing colors and hence makes the ideal option for people who love experimenting with colors and works in their salwar kameez. Ribbon work designs and styles adds a mix of modern and classic touch to your salwar kameez. Thinking about how it would be like? It’s when paisley motif meets the modern lace or crochets. Apart from this, salwar suits have now changed with the styles and today you may get not only a classy and elegant piece for a special occasion but also a unique indo-western ribbon work salwar suit that is the best blend of both the cultures. With the modern, stylish ribbon work salwar kameez suits, the dupattas have evolved.

Ribbon work salwar suit

Ribbon work Dupattas

Ribbon work has unique designs of laces and embroidery styles exclusively for dupattas and some customised salwar suits, the dupattas can be replaced with stoles and scarves for casual wear or indowestern look. which also add to the exceptional beauty of the dress. If you have got the perfect piece for yourself, you will be adorned by the people and look stunning. Whether you are a school-going girl, working women or middle-aged housewives, a ribbon work dupatta to mix and match with your rather simple or plain looking salwar that will add rainbow to your cloud. Whenever we hear ribbon work we generally imagine romantic, fairytale-like designs, What if they come on your dupattas or at the edges of chunnis? No pun intended; these materials are highly in demand in the making of a contemporary dupatta due to their quirky looks. Whenever you wish to add some fun in your dressing, you can always add them in the array.

Ribbon work dupatta
Ribbon work dupatta

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