Moti Work Salwar Kameez

Moti work or pearl work definitely belongs to royal household. The intricacy of pearl work looks phenomenol on any attire India saw a lot of Moti or pearl work being done during the time of the Mughals, as it was commonly used to adorn the attire of the kings and queens, not only attires but also jewelleries and other accessories. Recent times Moti work has seen many innovations like embroidered moti work or pearl work. Moti work is done by skilled artisans who manage to create intricate and seamless embroidered pieces with great efficacy.

Beautiful Moti work

History of Moti Work

Moti work has been done over centuries in India from the time of the Mughals till date on various fabrics ranging from Silk to Cotton, recently Velvet and organza. This bead work is also performed on various accessories too other than attires as embellishments. Moti work is usually combined with other forms of embroidery such as Crystals, Zari and Zardosi, stone works to give it a shimmer, glimmer and voguish appeal. Moti work is currently becoming more fashionable with a lot of designers opting for this type of embroidery. Nevertheless, the most skilled Moti embroidery artisans can be found in Kutch, Kathiawar and Telangana, as they have been doing it for centuries by combining pearls with other beads for the classic traditional look.

Mughal era inspired embroidered Moti work Abaya style Anarkali suit

Moti work on Different Materials

Moti work has made a great comeback with a lot of fashion designers taking the craft to the international level. When Princess Diana was flaunting her pearl gowns, in India, our very own designers were creating exquisite moti work salwar suits, blouses, lehenga, sarees. This exquisite craft has been given a contemporary appeal through fashionable sarees, suits, bags, clutches and even shoes. Moti work is being used in head accessories like clips, hairbands and other products, apart from clothes. Furthermore, due to mass production, Moti work has become more affordable to all, thus making it a hit with the masses too. Moti work salwar kameez is not indigenous to Indian heritage only, as it has been used in apparel all around the world over centuries. Hence, Moti work is globally used by designers, particularly in haute couture and gowns. It is an exquisite craft whose popularity has still not lost that old age charm.

Cotton moti work salwar kameez

Moti work salwar kameez on Velvet material

Some salwar kameez that look best with moti work as Anarkali salwar suit , sharara suit and straight cuts . But on what material moti work is worked on speaks volume. There is a rich aura to moti work on silk, velvet materials it’s gives a heavy , over the top royal looks to your salwar kameez. Be it a moti work straight cut salwar or moti work Anarkali in velvet material , or front open cut or jacket style moti work salwar kameez, every festive occasion calls for this kind of royal attire.

Velvet f!oor length moti work dupatta salwar suit

Moti work salwar kameez on Silk and Net material

When it comes to Silk like Organza or Net , they are the ultimate light weight fabrics for any occassion. You can dress down or dress up with these materials . Moti work salwar kameez on organza or net material will have intricate detailing and hard worked craftsmanship. Many pakistani designers refer moti work salwar materials in silk or organza with other embroideries. Moti work Sharara suit, moti work Abaya style Anarkali , moti work pakistani style salwar kameez are some salwar kameez styles that will enhance the moti work. Moti work cotton or georgette salwar kameez are for your semi formal occasions. With simple moti work on a comfortable airy material. A moti work palazzo salwar suit, moti work on Punjabi or Patiala suit are your ultimate office wears and semi formal wears. There are endless designs on moti work in cotton salwar suit that you can find at sareeutsav.

Moti work pakistani sharara suit
Moti work sharara suit on Net material

Maintenance of Moti work.

Definitely a high maintenance apparel that needs careful handling , dry washing . As the beads and the intricate embroideries should handled with care. Accessories and apparel with Moti work can be worn semi-casually if it is less embellished in cotton or gerogette materials and can be maintained easily. There are many pakistani moti work salwar suits that caters for casual, semi formal and bridal wear. Salwar kameez that is intricately embellished with pearls is a perfect dress for a wedding, party or celebration that needs lot of attention after use. Not only do Moti work sarees make a strong fashion statement, but a lot of brides are also opting for Moti work floor length anarkali suits, Moti work flare palazzo suits, moti work sharara suits in velvet, organza or net materials for weddings and receptions.

Moti work Anarkali Salwar Suit

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