Kutch Work Lehenga

When you hear Kutch work lehenga, just imagine fun! And a lot more fun!. This lehenga is all about the bright colours like yellow. Blue, red and green with mirror work throughout the embroidery. Some have kutch work along the border of the skirt alone and some have these designs throughout. These Indian dresses are loved by women of all ages and are ideal for dancing as these lehenga just  flare in all their glory while swirling in them and the one Indian festival that immediately comes to mind is dandiya where women young and old dance in these colourful lehengas and fill the occasion with great jig. 

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The kutch work or the kutch embroidery is an art tradition of the tribal community of Kutch District in Gujarat. These were originally used for handicrafts and textile purposes too. These were done by women using cotton fabrics using cotton or silk threads. The stitches involved in kutch work includes square chain, pattern darning, running stitch, double buttonhole, satin stitches and straight stitches. The designs broadly used in kutch work includes the theme of the daily lifestyle, birds, floral designs, religious spots and women dancing postures. As the textile industry developed, there were innovations everywhere right from the designs used and the techniques followed. As a result of it, you could see modern kutch work in exclusive patterns and designs.

On the fashion platform, nothing is outdated. As per the trend every design and pattern used in the garment industry gets new forms and serves the purpose. Kutch work is one such kind where designers understood the need of one to be unique on their special occasion and presents interesting lehenga with different kutch works.

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Uniqueness of Kutch Works in Lehengas

Being the most unique and outstanding craft style in India would be its intricate embroideries. These works showcase mirror works, bright colours, exclusive embellishments and intricate embroidery styles. The embellishments are the highlights of kutch work, which has beads, zari, shells, mirrors or abhla and more exciting materials, all that makes the lehenga flashy and dramatic. Among the Indian dresses, kutch work lehenga has its unique place which has never been erased from the past.

Multi-Color Two-Piece Ghagra Choli From Kutch with Embroidered Sequins and  Patchwork | Trendy blouse designs, Trendy blouses, Chaniya choli

Maintain to the sheer beauty of the lehenga

The base work of the Kutch Work Lehenga is very sturdy, however care should be taken to the delicate nature of the thread works and embellishment used in the lehenga. Hand wash or machine wash are not a great idea as the material is liable to damage. Dry wash is always the safe and perfect option to maintain the life and beauty of the garment. When given the right care, even after several uses you can still maintain the beauty element of the lehenga.

Kutch Work Lehenga – Make it work for you

Choosing kutch work lehenga could be an exciting option, however you have to take extra care  when it comes to jewelry and coordinating to the event. If you have a bright theme, then kutch work lehenga would be the start of the event. Your lehenga speaks the beauty of tradition and trend; you could minimize the jewellery and make it work for you. Be it, high neck, V line neck or shoulder design blouse, make sure you go in for the right type of neck piece which could blend well with your overall look. When  you have monotone kutch work lehenga, you could add a little more depth in choosing your accessories and pop colours so that it blends well and makes you the diva of the day.

Multicolor Kutch Embroidery and Mirror Cotton Navratri Wear Lehenga -  Mirchi Fashion - 3031314
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Be different and go for brand new cool ideas, be it contrasting or matchy-match ideas, you can sparkle on your own style!

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