For those who love intricate and elaborately crafted works on sarees or jewellery Kundan work is the best to choose for. As the Kundan art form popularly knows as Kundan Keshari is the name assigned to all those work which are made of colourful semi- precious stones especially in Indian jewellery and apparels. Kundan works and its related works were introduced in India even before the pre Mughal era in history. Any work done in Kundan stones were greatly admired and patronized by the royal people of Rajasthan and Gujarat.

Kundan worked blouse and saree

History and Making of Kundan Work

The word Kundan means “Refned Gold“. The Kundan art form of jewellery is nearly 2500 years old, where the gemstones were studded wth very slim foil of gold. The history of Kundan stones dates back to the Mughal and Dynasty Empire period in Ndia, between 1526 and 1858. The traditional and antique art depicts the glory of Indian culture and prosperity. Jaipur and Rajasthan are the established reigning cities in India, where Kundan jewellery art is practiced in popular. The kundan stones are available in various shapes and sizes and can be cut according to the requirement and purpose for such it can be used. The kundan stones can be used in variety of products especially in wi decorating wedding ornaments, jewelleries, slippers, sarees, dress, cutleries, clothes for bride and groom. Most of the designer wedding outfits in the market are proudly adorned with the semi precious kundan gemstones. The Bollywood industry, from the time they started making films with songs and grandeur sets never go without kundan ornaments in clothing and jewels for songs and wedding scenes. Even, the Indian television industry rains in Kundan sarees and ornaments when it comes to the scenes of functions, festivals and weddings. The Royal families of Rajasthan and Jaipur used kundan stones not only to decorate their clothes and jewels but also to decorate their furnitures and architectural frontage including both exterior and interiors. Anything worked with the kundan stones gave a rich appeal and gleamed portraying a rich historic significance attached to them.

Kundan stone worked jewellery and saree depicting the Royal culture


The making of the Kundan jewellery involves setting of thr gem with gold foil between the stones and its mount, usually for elaborate necklaces. A slight but most popular variation known as Meena Kundan, Bikaneri or Jaipuri jewellery, is the enameling of vivid colours and design on the reverse, while the kundan setting is in the front. It remains as the traditional Indian wedding trousseau in North India. Actress and Miss world Aishwarya Rai Bachan and Shilpa Shetty, and more famous celebrities wore Kundan jewellery or Kundan sarees for their wedding. The Hindi epic film Jodha Akbar which was released in the year 2008 portrayed a lot about the Kundan jewellery worn by the lead character focusing attention on its influence among Rajasthan Royalty.

Meenakari kundan

Current Scenario

More than Kundan embroidered clothing, Kundan jewelry by itself is a distinguished work of art considered a once in a lifetime gift. More often than not, a bride is adorned with Kundan jewelry and clothes with Kundan embroidery on her wedding. As with every art form Kundan also had a setback because of its expensive stone work but Kundan jewelry and Kundan work on fabric came back into the limelight when artisans started using semi-precious stones, pearls and silver along with the modified materials of Zardozi.

While Jaipur and Bikaner continue to be the centres of traditional Kundan jewellery, today the main centres for creating Kundan embroidery are Delhi, Agra, Lucknow, Bhopal, Ajmer, Mumbai, Kashmir and Chennai.

Jodha Akbar Movie starring Hrithik Roshan and Aishwarya Rai – Kundan work jewels and apparels played significant role in the movie
Sword cover made of Kundan stones

Kundan on Fabric

The preferred fabric for Kundan embroidery is Silk, but with several innovations being made in Indian fashion, even Georgette and Chiffon fabrics are being used now. Sarees with Kundan work embroidery often form part of the bridal finery at weddings. Be it wedding lehengas or bridal sarees, Kundan forms an essential part of the embellishments. They are also worn on many formal occasions.

Kundan work Organza saree and blouse

Actress Soha Ali Khan wearing kundan worked lehenga for a fashion show

Kundan styles

Spruce up your ethnic collection with stylish Kundan worked blouses on simple sarees. Kundan work sarees give out a regal and grand appeal. The uncut gems on the kundan work sarees reflect in natural and artificial lights creating a fascinating aura that is hard to miss. Even most of the south indian brides who prefer Kancheepuram silk saree manage to include Kundan work in their trousseau. They either attach Kundan stones on their Kancheepuram silk saree or wear kundan jewellery that go with the Kanjivaram saree.

Kundan blouse on kancheepuram saree

Actress Shilpa Kundra wearing kundan work saree and jewellery for her wedding



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