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Lehenga” the attire by itself is a unique piece of royal clothing chosen widely for the most special occasions in India. Be it any grand occasion or special events, “Lehenga” have become the most chosen outfit for a woman.  But this one lehenga that looks ethereal and majestic is the jacquard lehenga due to the thickness of the fabric itself. It looks bold and out there!. Jacquard lehengas are perfect for those winter evening weddings as they are comfortable and warm.

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Going back to the era even before the 1800’s, Jacquard weaving was done by a process called draw-loom. But this process was so slow that it could only produce a limited number of patterns. A French designer Joseph marie Jacquard introduced a new loom for weaving which came to be called as jacquard loom. Of course, it was named after Frenchman Joseph marie Jacquard. This jacquard loom was a mechanical loom which was controlled by punch-cards which had punch-holes. So, designs and patterns on jacquard were made by these punch-holes in a row symmetry wherein every row was punched by the row of punch-holes in these punch-cards. So designs could vary in every row of the fabric. But even this loom was capable of controlling only a few warp ends independently. So, the punching process had to be repeated again and again to weave one jacquard fabric. Gradually, larger machines were also introduced which did lead to less repetition of process but still it was not satisfactory.

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It was only in the 1980’s when electronic jacquard looms were introduced. The first one was introduced in Milan in 1983. This machine did eliminate repetitive weaving of fabric and symmetrical designs because of which it became possible to produce many different designs and patterns in less time. But what it could not do was make Jacquard weaving economical. These electronic machines were insanely expensive and are apt only for a factory that produces specialized designs. But now the scenario has changed. Jacquard weaving is now done with a computerized process. The computerization makes it possible to thread millions of hooks with different yarns in much less time and requires less labor as compared to the traditional looms which were highly labor-intensive.

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Apart from the fabric made from the jacquard loom, jacquard fabrics can also be knitted and thus there is also a variety of jacquard fabrics available today. Some of these are Brocade Jacquard, which is a patterned fabric woven with various multi-colored threads. This is a much heavier fabric mostly used in upholstery and for glamorous fashion clothing. So, all the ethnic jacquard we see around is Brocade Jacquard. Other kinds of Jacquard are Damask Jacquard, which is finer and shimmery than brocade. It is mainly because it is knitted with silk, linen, rayon, cotton or other synthetic threads. And French jacquard, Jacquard net etc.

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These fabrics are thick with intricate detailings, hence, extra care is the ultimate requirement. A gentle warm water wash is all that it requires. Do not beat it or squeeze the lehenga in the washing process as they may wither the fabric. Wrapping the lehengas with utmost care helps in maintaining the luster of the lehenga and trying a muslin cloth is a good idea.

Preserve the sheen and look of your Jacquard lehenga after the big day, once all are settled the next thing to worry about is how to take care of the intricately designed wedding lehenga. Few tips to help you;

·       Do not hang the heavy work lehenga for days and months together which could lose its shape. Strictly forget the wired hangers.

·       It could be a readymade, designer one or customized lehenga, always dry clean the lehenga as it prevents the outfit from the chances of discolouration.

·       Ensure to fold the lehenga with sheets of tissue papers between the folds and untangled.

·       Take Safety precautions for moth infestation.

·       It is always safe when you hand it over to a professional for washing and iron.

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Be the trendsetter

Choosing trendy and couture lehenga that goes well with any Indian festivals and wedding event is definitely not difficult to get one now-a-days. Garments manufacturers and retailers are ready to present customized designs which satisfy the needs of a buyer.

Jacquard lehenga have always been a masterpiece and grand statement for garment manufacturers across the nation. If you take Bollywood film industry, glamour and class go hand in hand. Movies which showcase any occasion or traditional event are never complete without lehenga and it is the most grand and glamorous outfit too.

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Bridal Jacquard lehenga

They are in vogue these days  as they are intricately designed and heavy, just what a wedding lehenga should be!. The durability of the Jacquard lehenga for ladies is one of the biggest reasons this dress is a perfect staple for the ethnic wardrobes, as many brides want to keep their wedding dress and pass it on to their daughters. Hence they make a great wedding trousseau.

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You can style up your wedding lehenga with jewellery like a long choker necklace, long earring , mangtika, big bangles with jaipuri jutti.

As part of a bridal trousseau, an authentic gota lehenga piece can easily become an heirloom down the line.

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Occasions to flaunt to

It is even suited for pre-wedding functions  like engagements and mehendi ceremonies. For the mehendi ceremony, choose jacquard lehenga of colours like orange and yellow to go with the sunny outdoors and the mehendi itself. It’s even perfect as bridesmaid lehenga, in colours like beige,turquoise and peach with silver or golden work. This look can be beautified with pearl necklaces and even white stone jewellery.

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Styling tip

You can try the latest jacquard  lehenga choli in minimal work and wear it with matching Indian earrings for an understated regal look during engagement ceremony, and also, you can don classic Indian fashion jewelry sets with heavily embellished lehenga to match your style for the huge Indian wedding extravaganza.

Pure Gold and Silver jewelry can compliment this fabric. kundan and Pearl jewelry can also gel well with the look of this fabric.

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