Ikat Salwar Kameez

Among the cutting edge modern fashion technologies, contemporary fashion is epitome of vintage, vogue and heritage. Amongst umpteen contemporary weaving styles, Ikat needs a special mention in traditional handloom.

Actress Sonam Kapoor in an elegant Ikat Kurta

Process of Ikat

Ikat is the process that involves the patterns to be dyed and binded into the threads before cloth is weaved. The yarns are dyed prior , and then tight wrapping is done in desired patterns. The binding is then done. To create a new pattern the yarns are dyed again with different designs. There is symphony to the hues and complicacy of pattern garner by weavers from Asia and Africa. Ikat Salwars are special hand loomed product with exuberance of blurry hues and brilliance of geometric designs.

Techniques and Types of Ikkat

WARP IKAT :- A type of yarn called Warp yarn is used to Dye using ikat technique. This warp is specifically produced in Indonesia.

Salwar material made with Warp weave

WEFT IKAT :- It is the weaving of weft yarn that carries the dyed pattern. This pattern appears during the weaving process only, they are much slower to weave than warp ikat.

Salwar kameez fabric in Weft Ikat

DOUBLE IKAT :- It is a technique, where both Warp and Weft yarns were resist dyed prior to the weavings. As the process sounds complicated so is the weaving . It is the most difficult to make, so the rates of the Double Ikat salwar kameez suits are expensive too . This process is under use only in three countries. India, Japan and Indonesia . The Patola ikkat made from Patan of Gujarat follow this technique on fine silk yarns coming in different shades. It is the most complicated process . Patola sarees are an extraordinary achievement in the textile arts so is the Patola Salwar Kameez. This much sought after technique was used for trading by the East India Company in the earlier days, so the double ikat weaving started to follow in other countries like Indonesia. This reflects the prized influence of the Patola tradition.

Salwar kameez material with dupatta in Double Ikat

PASAPALLI IKAT:Pasapalli ikat salwar kameez or sarees are made in Odissa, India. The word Pasapalli is derived from ‘Pasa’, meaning board game with four clear parts. The Pasapalli Ikat is made with the same technique in saree or salwar material mostly consisting of checkered designs .

Pasupulatti salwar material

The shades of blue weaved in blurry patterns give these Ikat salwar suits a blend of elegance and class. On the other hand, colourful Ikat patterns bring out the best combination to be simple yet charming. Let’s look into the Ikat salwar kameez that are much in trend in the recent years

Poochampalli Dupattas

A special designer line of dupattas or stoles making use of innovative patterns like wavy lines, zigzag shapes, engaging designs, abstract combinations, the Pochamally ikat shawls like always have a strangely bewitching appeal. A judicious use of colours and combining them well with exotic designs, the average becomes the extraordinary, the extraordinary becomes the sensation. The Pochampally shawls or dupattas like its other fabrics are different, appealing and very much designer worthy.

Poochampally cotton dupatta
Ikat Dupatta

Ikat Palazzo pants and Kameez

Being an all-time favourite summer pick, beat the heat with classic Ikat palazzos and team them with a plain white long kameez or a short kurti style kameez . Add a bohemain neck piece and something to jazz up your wrist, maybe a silver cuff to complete the look.

Ikat palazzo with Ikat kurta

Ikat Straight salwar kameez

Beautifully designed for Summers. Something that one can wear as daily- wear as well as office- wear. Indian women certainly find the Ikat fabric irresistible because of its durability, skin-friendliness and high aesthetic value. We all need someone to love us the way an Ikat fabric loves the person wearing it. If you admire both trendy and traditional, Ikat is a must for your wardrobe!

Ikat straight salwar kameez
Ikat straight salwar suit

Ikat digital print salwar materials

Ikat fabric has always been popular for its distinct style and unmatched beauty and this craft has stood the test of time and various fashion trends. Ikat continues to be designer’s favourite. Ikat style handbags and jewelry and footwear are quite popular these days. If you are planning to add ethnic flavour to your wardrobe; Ikat salwar kameez or the presence of Ikat is a must. Cotton Ikat salwar kameez look beautiful and formal and they resonate comfortability. go for cotton Ikat fabric and make well fitted tunics and tailored kurtas in Ikat fabric. If you are into ethnic chic wear, investing in this textile is a wise decision.

Ikat digital print salwar kameez with Ikat dupatta
Ikat digital print salwar suit

Ikkat festive and casual Anarkali salwar kameez

When Ikat can be the wow factor, why not try out Ikat Anarkalis? Ikat Anarkalis can be literally the fusion between traditions rooted down south and heavy Mughal tradition. You can also team up the Ikat weave with fabrics like Kanjeevaram or raw silken cotton, to create an everyday wear casual stunning Anarkali pairing up with contrast color yoke in light fabrics like cotton, raw silk or even silk cotton to give it a simple yet classy finish. Ikat for a pre wedding or any festivity, you can choose to have a grand brocade border, a plain silk yoke and choose heavy flair Ikat for the rest of the top. You can pair this with a silk bottom and plain dupatta. Go for sleeveless, cold shoulder or various sleeve patterns and add an extravagant silk border. Colors like blue and pink, green and pink or white yoke paired with multicolour. You can always make anarkali from your old Ikat saree and give it an entirely new look. Accessorize it with oxidized jewelry if you are wearing it for casual outings. If you are going for the heavy Anarkalis then choose heavy jhumkas especially the ones with the murals or meenakari that is trending right now

Ikat Anarkali designed by Designer Ritu Kumar
Ikat Anarkali by Ritu Kumar

Revamp your wardrobe with summerish Ikat salwar kameez

Do you often feel anxious about being overdressed? Ikat salwar kameez can be your saviour! Be it an evening party or casual outing, these classy Ikat salwar kameez will give your dress a modish look. As the design is not made only on cotton material, fabrics are blended with other materials also to produce variants of fabric.

Silk Ikat Abaya Style Anarkali with Ikat dupatta

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