The Oh! So beautiful Got work or simply called as Gota Patti is an attractive codding embroidery handcraft worked with simple gold or silver zari making into a complex lace border adding grandeur to any simple looking saree.

Origin and History

A Gota work is a type of metal work originated from Rajasthan, India. But it is extensively worn in Pakistani embrodery suits , so it is known that the art of Gota work is also performed in Punjab, India also. An intricate work of Applique pattern is depicted on silver and gold zari forming diverse Motif patterns. If you think Gota Patti designs are famous now in recent time, then you must be wrong, as the Gota work are applied in Mughal era were they used this Aesthetic work of art not only on apparels but also on bedspreads, pillows and bags. The size of the applique worked on ribbon differes to preferences. As a thin lace border may be preferable for salwars, lehengas and a thick lace border of Gota Patti will look explicable on Sarees. Gota work looks glamourous on Gerogette, Chiffon, Silk and Bandhini sarees. Be a vision of envy on a heavily worked gota work lace border with simple light weight saree.

Making of Gota Work

As the work is beautiful so the art, A back breaking and time consuming craft. A craft man traces the design on the desired fabric with paper and chalk and stitched onto the fabric to required shape, size and design. The motifs can be of flower, animals or leafs. But when we say Gota Patti we always remember the ever so famous manga or leaf embroidery . My personal preference would be the ever so beautiful Bandhini saree with paisley motif .

Style and Occasion

When it comes to choosing sarees for occasions, one would always prefer elegance and sass. As India is famous for resplendent works on apparels worn during festives and special occasions, most people from North India choose Gota work sarees, as they would love to flaunt them on Lehengas, Sarees and Dupattas. Gota work looks great on vibrant shade of fabric example Bandhini sarees are one of the most worked saree or fabric with Gota Patti. Shades like Pink, Red, dual combination shade of colours like yellow and blue, orange and pink with thick or thin ribbon of Paisley or mango motifs on Gold or silver zari will look ethereal and sophisticated on women of any colour.

Celebrity Appeal

It is an undeniable truth that Gota work became famous in India or worlwide through Bollywood movies. The magnum opus movies Devdas, Umrao jaan and few other movies are examples were the lead castes are adorned with vibrant Gota work saree or lehenga or suits . Celebrated and tantalizing actresses like Aishwarya Rai Bachan, Rani Mukherjee, Priyanka Chopra have all doned and flaunted Gota work on various apparels of the same design.


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