Bhagalpuri Kurti

Popularly known as the “Queen of all fabrics” Bhagalpuri silk is well-known among all the women across India as well as abroad. It remains in the spotlight because of its striking looks, quality and authentic designs.

Made from the essence of nature, this silk has the finest texture, superior quality, striking and unique resilience. The native artwork on Bhagalpuri sarees showcases the true essence of Bhagalpur in a pure and flawless way. Bhagalpuri kurti or kurtas are available in many types, colours, designs, and patterns. They display all the cultural aspects of India which are symbolic and taken from natural surroundings. For silk-lovers, Bhagalpur silk holds a key place and a dream attire to own. This silk is also used to produce dress materials, scarves, stoles, etc.

Another major highlight of the Bhagalpuri fabric or kurti are unique and top in class dyeing technique. Well,who doesn’t love a dyed kurti that makes it look unique and sets them apart from other fabric of kurti or kurtas. The important part to notice in Bhagalpuri silk is, it is dyed using pure, natural and eco-friendly vegetable dyes.

Over the years, Bhagalpuri silk artwork got stuck in plenty of governmental and social tentacles. As a result, the attraction and demand for Bhagalpuri Work decreased. As time passed, both the government and non-government institutions took steps to promote this artwork.

Now, it has retained its demand and power across the world, thereby, making it a big fish in the garment industry. The Bhagalpuri kurta or kurti are sure to grace any event, party or function with their minimalistic design.

Elegant Bhagalpuri kurti from Cbazaar

Bhagalpuri Cotton Kurti
The Bhagalpuri cotton kurti reveal a beautiful charm of its own. Weaved with Bhagalpuri cotton is an apt buy for any party, festival but exclusively for casual wear. Featuring vibrant colours, beautiful patterns and prints, these kurti are light weight and look elegant on ladies of any age group and any silhouette.

Comfortable and Beautiful Bhagalpuri Cotton Kurti

Bhagalpuri Tussar silk Kurti

Shortly called as the Wild Silk or Kosa silk. Mainly the name came from the way Bhagalpuri tussar silk is made from silkworm that feed and breed from wild forests . The Bhagalpuri tussar silk kurti are mostly loved for its natural gold colour, rich coarse texture, and charm.

Bhagalpuri Tussar kurti looks super-rich, is comfortable, soft, cool to wear and suits any occasion and festivals. It is definitely semi formal wear. But you can wear these kurtis all round the year as they are airy and absolutely lightweight. The Bhagalpuri tussar kurti are inexpensive and durable when compared to the silk that is cultivated.

Ever so Gorgeous Bhagalpuri Tussar Kurti

Bhagalpuri Printed Kurti

With the finest printed designs, colours and styles they are customarily made in Bhagalpur. and these Bhagalpuri printed kurti can be designed in different modern style from Aline kurti to anarkali kurti in Bhagalpuri pure silk or soft silk fabrics.

Intricately designed Printed Bhagalpuri Full length Long Anarkali Kurti

Bhagalpuri Kalamkari kurti

The Bhagalpuri kalamkari kurti are sure to turn some heads which are ideal for party wear. Hand printing done on silk or cotton sarees using a tamarind pen with natural dyes is known as kalamkari. Bhagalpuri silk and kalamkari print on your kurti creates impressive and fresh designs that will make you look delicate and stand apart. The handloom industry from Bhagalpur is also using this artform on its sarees. The sarees and kurti are printed with the cult, fauna and floral designs and signify many patterns. The Bhagalpuri kalamkari kurti can be stitched in many unique styles like cowl style kurta, Aline, front high and back low that are apt for events, festivals, and family/social gatherings.

Actress Sneha in gorgeous Bhagalpuri Kalamkari Anarkali kurta set

Bhagalpuri Raw silk Kurta

The next Bhagalpuri silk kurta will be seeing is lustrous and soft Raw silk. The difference between raw silk and pure silk is that the raw silk is much lighter than pure silk so many young women like wearing raw silk in the place of pure silk.

Semi Formal Bhagalpuri Raw silk kurta set

Bhagalpuri Linen Kurtas

For the love of semi formal office wear kurtas these days many women of all age group love wearing semi formal straight cut kurtis with front or side slits in the most comfortable of materials. And what is best other than Linen. The Bhagalpuri line of linen kurtas are must have for every women on their wardrobe for causal college wear to semi formal office wear. Bhagalpuri linen kurti can be easily printed or embroidered to create various designs or patterns of your choice. They are made of the best quality yarn and linen, airy, light and are comfortable for summers and hot climate.

Bhagalpuri Linen Kurti

Right from weddings to family functions, women, as well as young girls, wear Bhagalpuri silk kurti with absolute pride. Today, famous fashion designers from India are all using Bhagalpuri silk in their collection of clothes. Right from Sabyasachi to Manish Malhotra, Bhagalpuri silk is used by many. But, Bhagalpuri kurti is a must-have piece of clothing in every woman’s wardrobe today.

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