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For every Indian girl, days such as festivals, weddings in the family and of course, their own wedding are so special, as they can show that they have not let go of their Indian authenticity by looking ethnic and traditional in Indian clothes, but without compromising on the style element.A Lehenga which speaks very much Indian!,when adorned with modern scintillating  bead work looks just everything a woman of this generation wants ,chicness! and elegance! while looking every bit Indian.

Origin and history

Beadwork embroidery was practiced long before the major Ice Age, with beads fashioned from seeds, egg shells, and sea shells. Their history goes back to 5000 years when the tombs in Iraq displayed beadwork construction created from thousands of tiny beads. Archaeologists have unearthed human skeletons that had been buried with elaborately beaded headdresses. Bead embroidery adorned the attires of many kings as it was mostly used in ornamental wear. Glass beads were used as decoratives in ancient Egypt, Greece, and Rome and Pearls were used to decorate curtains, table clothes, napkins and many other home furnishings.During the Renaissance, beads often were sewn in patterns on the clothing of the wealthy. 

Egyptian beads were made out of gold by skilled artisans.While the Greek beads were made of glass, amber, wood and semi-precious stones. Prayer beads that were used in the middle ages are being used even today. These rosaries are now crafted from sterling silver, plastic, wood and glass. 

Types of beads which can be used in lehenga making: 

Shamballa Style Beads

These beads have a clay base with many Czech crystals set closely together over the surface to create a really sparkly, eye-catching bead.

Rocaille/ Round Beads

Rocailles are round seed beads and are often used as spacer beads to use in stringing projects.

Seed Beads

These beads are very short pieces of chopped glass cane that are heated until they form smooth shapes, usually round. Also in the seed bead family are Delica beads, square beads, triangle beads, bugle beads and hex beads.


Flatbacks are crystals set on one flat side so they can be glued on to the fabric.

Bugle Beads

Bugle beads are tubular in shape and are cut to various lengths. The bugle beads are part of the seed bead group as they are available in very small sizes . There are plenty of bugle beads available in different colours, finishes and twists.

Crystal Beads (Swarovski)

Crystals are crystal beads made out of leaded glass and have a high shine. They are usually faceted for additional shine. The most commonly known crystal beads are Swarovski and Czech crystals.

Wooden beads

There are a few types of wood being used for wood beads production purposes. wood beads include ebony, graywood,rosewood,palmwood,magkuno, and sibucao.

 Natural pearls and shells

Natural pearls can be saltwater or freshwater cultured pearls which are made into beads. Natural pearls are usually pink, peach or mauve in colour, whilst white pearls are usually an off white or creamy colour.

Beaded Lehenga – A modern touch to Ethnicity

Queens used to flaunt lavish heavy bead work Indian dresses like lehenga in ancient times. Bead work lehengas have a rich look and feel. You can too, in present times, wear cotton jacquard lehenga or silk brocade lehenga, embossed with bead work, in order to attain that majestic queen-like look.

A variety of fabrics such as cotton, velvet, chiffon or georgette  are being used to design bead work embroidery lehengas. Crystals, gemstones and pearls can be used as adornments on the bead work lehenga.

Stunning white beaded and jeweled Indian wedding gown. | Indian ...

These beaded lehengas are done using new stitching techniques for weaving such as backstitching, cross stitching, single stitching and Couching. Couching stitch is done by binding together beads on the fabric. Interesting styles such as chikankari embroidery or stone work embroidery can be teamed with bead work to create a splendorous effect. Since bead work lehenga requires intricate detailing, designers use advanced technology to fit in these embellishments in lehengas. Many gorgeous Bollywood Divas have adorned this outfit at ramp shows and events.

This interesting outfit can be worn with American diamond necklaces, white stone studded earrings, pearl necklaces, kundan earrings or even beaded jewellery.

Beaded Lehenga Blouses

There are some designer lehengas that have completel embellished crystal beads looking scintillating and a flary plain skirt and dupatta.

Lehenga for the occasion:

When it is a simple family pooja or get together, you can opt for a beaded cotton lehenga with a top that covers your torso completely which will look simple and devine. When you are looking for a lehenga that you can wear for the society’s dandiya, pick one with colorful beadwork and many pleated flares, because you want your outfit to dance with you!

For your best friend’s wedding, choose a lehenga that is created with beads on flirty material such as chiffon or georgette and remember to keep the top short, so that you can show off your curves.

Floral beadwork lehenga with off-shoulder blouse, is sure to work great for the bridesmaids

Wedding beaded lehengas

When you are shopping for your wedding lehenga, you need to make sure you ensemble a queen-like look and pay a lot more attention, because this is the one outfit that you will remember for the rest of your life.Time-tested hand embroideries which never go out of style, are accompanied by beadwork in making bridal lehengas. Teaming it with diamonds,crystal and even pearl jewelry would look gracious.

Beaded royal blue and ivory lehenga choli with floral motifs and ...

Since it is tradition for christian brides to wear white at their wedding ceremony, a white beaded lehenga would be an awesome choice to look just angelic.


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