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Aari embroidery is the best material for stitching

For centuries altogether, embroideries across regions have been a feast to the eyes, they have pleased the lovers of exquisite fashion. Needless to say, embroideries have always remained in vogue, without losing a tad of their glamor across decades and centuries.

Aari Embroidery

One such embroidery, the Aari kari, is craft in Kashmir, the artisans of Kashmir together, with utmost skill and precision, they craft the most gracefully embroidered pieces to exist in Aari embroidery . Aari art work is popular for its fine and delicate thread work. Aari art work is popular for its fine and delicate thread work.

Aari work pakistani kurta

Aari Embroidery in Fashion

Aari embroidered materials are stitched into many voguish and traditional objects. These range from apparel to accessories and further to home decor such as cushion or pillow covers, rugs or even beyond. What is amazing about this embroidery is that, no matter how it is stitched, it was and remains the favorite of all. Here are a few styles that the ancient embroidery is known as acclaimed for

Aari work embroidery

Aari work Kurtas

Summer or winter, aari crafted kurtas have always remained the talk of the town. Beautiful Kashmiri roses, marigolds and tulips beautify suits of cotton, silk , pashmina and linen. These kurtas are especially crafted for comfort, beauty or style of every woman.

Feeling Bold? Wear a heavily embroidered aari kurtas
Feeling minimal? Wear a border or neck aari embroidered kurta
Feeling in between ? Wear a semi worked Aari kurta
There’s something in there for everyone.

There are those who always go for traditional styles, And then there are those who’d rather balance between the traditional and contemporary. An Aari worked Kurti or kurta laden in ancient heritage of aari embroidery, when paired with jeans, does this trick of a ethnically stylish look. Generally, Aari work Kurtis or kurtas are made in cottons, georgettes or silks. While the cotton and georgette aari work Kurtas are ideal for casual street style, the silk ones look amazing when paired with ethnic trousers like palazzos or silk or satin pencil pants with Dupattas. And neatly plated hair , bindi and minimal makeup.

Aari embroidery cotton kurta

Aari work Kaftans

Whether you want to wear them for the night, for casual days, shopping sprees, beach or festive occasions – Kaftans prove to be the most versatile clothing of the modern times. And now these days Kaftans are worn as kurtas and kurtis by the younger ladies . Aari embroidered kaftan kurtas typically balance between what is stylish, what is comfortable and what is traditional. Aari embroidered kaftan kurtas are ones that maintain a touch with the traditional embroidery while also depicting vogue. Now that’s something to hold onto!

Aari embroidery kaftan kurta

Aari embroidered Palazzos for Kurtas

Among a myriad of stylish bottoms that have surged in the past few years, Palazzos have pretty much topped the list. Often plain, the flared of Palazzos, when embroidered in Kashmiri Aari Kari, exudes an entirely different look for the way that are spruced up and highlighted. A little motif on the flare can work wonders for your style statement. Wear them with ethnic simple worked Aari work Kurti or kurta to turn your casual look into a semi formal one.

Aari embroidery palazzo and kurta
Aari palazzo kurta suit

Aari work Kurta Dresses

Kurta Dresses – if you’re an ardent fan of modest fashion, you would have heard about kurta dresses in current fashion. It is nothing but a kurta that is stitched below the knee till calf, it can be worn with leggings and dupatta to turn into a salwar suit or just by itself as knee length dress with your favourite sneakers or jutti to make it an indi western outfit. Adorn them in aari work embroidery to give you the rich embellished look.

Aari work Jacket Kurtas

Needless to say, overlays are the new in. They have and still continue to rule the fashion industry. Wear them over a pair of jeans and you’re dressed completely wester. Wear them over a Kurta, and you have slayed the urban fashion. Aari embroidered overlays (jackets in particular) existed long before they even came into vogue. Waistcoats are basically another variant of jackets which are embroidered in elaborate motifs and designs only to be used like an overlay. Aari embroidered waistcoats are rare and unisex, but they slay the ethnic fashion like none other. Men could wear them over Kurta Pyjamas and women could wear them over jeans or a Kurti.

Aari embroidery Jacket kurta

Aari work jackets and waistcoats are typically made in silk (for the summers) and wool (for the winters). Ideal to wear from autumn to spring, an Aari crafted jacket is a must have for both your traditional closet, as well as the urbane one by women and men to wear it with their plain kurtas (women) and for their kurta pyjama (men).

Aari Embroidery Men’s jacket for kurta & pyjama

The solid shades that aari work is worked on, candid prints, embellishments and what not. There is no embroidery that will transform your kurtas into sheer elegance like the Aari embroidery has. While some of the kurtas have a heavy embroidered design, most of the kurtas flaunt the embroidery in minimalism. Typically, these kurtas are made out of light weight materials because these are essentially meant for the summer, however, silks and cottons aari work embroidery kurtas are also occasionally used.

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